M.NT68676.2A(HDMI+DVI+VGA+Audio) LCD/LED Screen Controller Board Diy Monitor Kit

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This is a great set of easy-reassembling LCD controller kit which is used to turn a bare LCD panel into a desktop/PC monitor. It will be a surprise that your bare LCD will be of good use, and no longer be a waste. Or it is a very insteresting things that we make a monitor successfully by ourselves.  It supports most of the LCD panel from 12.1" to 55" with a LVDS interface and a resolution lower than 2048X1152, plug&play kit, no need soldering.


    Notice: Please remember to leave us your LCD Model Number (click here to leave it ) before placing the order, it is very import for us to prepare the right kit for you. 


   How to find a right lcd model number  Please check the following picture. They are LTN154P1-L01, LP150X05(A2)(C1), LP171WP4(TL)(B1)and N154I2-L02 . Their sizes are 15.4", 15", 17.1" and 15.4".



  Necessary Accessories for turning a bare LCD to desktop monitor: LCD Controller board, Inverter, LVDS cable, Keypad, VGA cable/DVI Cable/HDMI cable, Power Adapter. If you have already had a VGA cable/DVI cable/HDMI cable and a power adapter (Ouput 12V,4A -- it is for small size lcd from 10.1inch to 19inch), this kit is a great choice for you, else there are some other kind of kits for options in our store, click here.


LCD Controller Board  M.NT68676.2A:


LCD Controller Kit (Q062151011)


      M.NT68676.2A is a monitor control board, which can support LED/LCD panels. It can support resolution up to 2048X1152.
    M.NT68676.2A can synchronize with computer automatically. Synchronization requires the synchronous signal which horizontal and vertical sync are separated.
    M.NT68676.2A can support dynamic contrast control, headphone input and digital volume control simultaneously.


Size of controller board: 139mmX58mmX17mm

LCD Controller Kit (Q062151011)
LCD Controller Kit (Q062151011)


LCD Controller Kit (Q062151011) 

 If the inverter for your lcd is not among these three inverters, the price will be higher, hope for your understanding.


Have a try and you will get great surprise!

Then, are you going to get this kit?


   Important Steps to Process your order with this kit:

   Step 1: Please provide your LCD panel model no. by sending us the ebay message before bidding this item, so that we can advise a right kit for your LCD.  (Usually, the model no. can be found on a sticker on the back of the LCD panel. If needed, disassemble the plastic shell and you will find the sticker). If possible, please give us as more specification of your LCD as you can. Then wait for our reply.

   Step 2:   We will give you the reply as soon as possible after carefully selecting and testing the kit by our technical support, and then you can place the order, and pay for it. We will send the package via HongKong Post as soon as possible after cleared payment. (If you prefer express shipping, please contact us to pay additional shipping cost before payment.) 

   Step 3:  Waiting for the package.

   We will write corresponding program into the lcd controller board to match your LCD, so this kit will match against one very specific LCD Panel or others that have exactly the same specification. However, a programmer could help on different LCDs, that is, change the firmware of the LCD controller board by yourself. Be aware that different LVDS cables and Inverters will be needed to match different LCDs. 



   1. Please make sure that your LCD is ok before bidding this item, else you will be responsible for the incompatibility. 

  2. If you concern much about resolution setting, please reconsider before bidding!

  3. We will try our best to prepare the right kit for you, such as writing the corresponding program into the controller board, selecting the suitable LVDS cable and the suitable inverter. But as we don't have an LCD exactly as yours at hand, we can just test the controller with our own LCD. For yours, you need to test it yourself to check if it works well or not. As you know, there are so many LCDs with many varieties in the market, sometimes we can't promise the exact compatibility. Please consider it before bidding! However, we have gained many success in preparing the kit for our customers in real store. So why not have a try to get surprise!

  4. If you are not specialized in electronics or have doubts in operation, please contact us for instruction, as we are not able to responsible for wrong operation.

  5. After finishing the connecting, please don't rush to power on! First, use multi-meter to test whether the GND of the LCD is connected with the GND of the controller board. If not, please check the connection again. If yes, please test whether there is a short circuit between the red wires and black wires of the LVDS cable. If there is a short circuit, it means opposite connection or other errors. Any problem, please feel free to contact us. DIY needs a certain professional knowledge, please kindly take the responsibility of the risk. No metal contact is allowed when powering on the controller board, otherwise short circuit may occur, which may cause unavailability of the controller board.

LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)


United Kingdom Friend p33dy_b' successful example:


Poland Friend biputox's great splicing screen ( however, we don't know how to make it yet):  


Germany Friend god-of-games's Successful example:


Portugal Friend jcag1986's project connected to PS3:


      Germany Friend d-mantion's Project:


American Friend cryalith's Raspberry PI Computer:

LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)
LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)

Australian Friend beyelka's Project:

LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)
LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)

Successful Example (rossg77 -- an American friend's Project ):


  Successful Example (radicalboy_fr -- a French friend's Project ):

LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)
  LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)

Successful Example (docpot2008 -- a Canadian friend's Project ):

 LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)

Malta Friend drac1977's Project:

LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)

USA  Friend loafer_tingo's Project :

LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)

Instruction to connect the controller board to the LCD (more details click here):


  No metal contact is allowed.


1. Take away the old inverter and old LVDS cable from the LCD panel.


2. Connect the new inverter and new LVDS cable to your LCD panel.


3. Connect controller board kit to the PC with VGA cable/DVI cable/HDMI cable.


4. Input power of 12V,4A. ( Please don't revised the voltage jumper setting on the lcd controller board before confirmation from us, because wrong revising of this voltage will get your lcd burnt. By the way, please don't connect the lvds cable wrongly, some wrong connecton can get your lcd burnt too, if you are not sure, please feel free to contact us.)




We have collected a few of the model no. in the following table which we have gained success for reference. However, no matter your model no. is listed in the table or not, welcome to contact us for more details, we probably will be able to find the solution for you as we are located in a huge electronic market in shenzhen, China.

M190EG02 V.4
 LP154WU1-A01 B121EW01 V.0 B154EW01 V.0
B170PW03 V.0 LP154WU1-A1K1 B121EW01 V.1 B154EW01 V.1
B170PW03 V.1 LP154WU1-A1K2 B121EW01 V.2 B154EW01 V.2
B170PW03 V.2 LP154WU1-A1K3 B121EW01 V.3 B154EW01 V.3
B170PW03 V.3 LP154WU1-TLA1 B121EW01 V.5 B154EW01 V.4
B170PW03 V.4 LP154WU1-TLA2 B121EW02 V.0 B154EW01 V.5
B170PW03 V.5 LP154WU1-TLB1 B121EW02 V.1 B154EW01 V.6
B170PW03 V.7 LP154WU1-TLC1 B121EW03 V.0 B154EW01 V.7
B170PW03 V.9 LP154WU1-TLC2 B121EW03 V.1 B154EW01 V.8
B170PW05 V.4 LQ154M1LW02 B121EW03 V.3 B154EW01 V.9
B170PW06 V.0 LQ154M1LW12 B121EW03 V.4 B154EW01 V.C
B170PW06 V.1 LQ154M1LW1C B121EW03 V.5 B154EW02 V.0
B170PW06 V.2 LQ154M1LW2A B121EW03 V.6 B154EW02 V.1
B170PW06 V.3 LTN154U1-L01 B121EW03 V.7 B154EW02 V.2
LP171W01-A4 LTN154U1-L02 B121EW05 V.0 B154EW02 V.3
LP171W01-A4K1 LTN154U1-L03 B121EW06 V.1 B154EW02 V.5
LP171WP4-TL01 LTN154U2-L02 CLAA121WA01A B154EW02 V.6
LP171WP4-TL02 LTN154U2-L03 HT121WX2-103 B154EW02 V.7
LP171WP4-TL03 LTN154U2-L04 HV121WX4-100 B154EW04 V.0
LP171WP4-TL04 LTN154U2-L05 LP121WX1-TLA1 B154EW04 V.1
LP171WP4-TLA1 LTN154U2-L06 LP121WX1-TLA2 B154EW04 V.2
LP171WP4-TLA5 LTN154U2-L07 LTN121AP02-001 B154EW04 V.B
LP171WP4-TLB1 LQ154M1-LW02 LTN121AT01-001 B154EW06 V.0
LP171WP4-TLB3 LTD154EZ0D LTN121AT02 B154EW08 V.0
LP171WP4-TLB4 LTD154EZ0C LTN121AT05 B154EW08 V.1
LP171WP4-TLB5 LTD154EZ1D LTN121W1-L01 CLAA154WA01
LP171WP4-TLN1 LTN154CT03-001 LTN121W1-L02 CLAA154WA01A
LP171WP4-TLN2 LTN154U1-L07 LTN121W1-L03 CLAA154WA01AQ
LP171WP4-TLP1 LTD154EZ0HG N121i1-L01 CLAA154WA02
LP171WP4-TLP2 LTN154CT03-V01 N121i1-L02 REV C1 CLAA154WA02B
LP171WP4-TLQ1 LP171W02-A3 N121i2-L01 CLAA154WA03A
LP171WP4-TLQ2 LP171W02-A4 N121i3-L01 CLAA154WA03AG
LP171WP4-TLR1 LP171WE2-TL01 N121i3-L02 CLAA154WA03AR
LP171WP4-TLR2 LP171WE2-TL02 N121i3-L03 CLAA154WA04
LP171WX2-A4K1 LP171WE2-TL03 N121i3-L0B CLAA154WA04N
LP171WX2-A4K2 LP171WE2-TL05 N121IA-L02 CLAA154WA05
LP171WX2-A4K3 LP171WE2-TLA1 QD12TL01 Rev.01 CLAA154WA05A
LP171WX2-A4K5 LP171WE2-TLA2 B121EW03 V.9 CLAA154WA05N
LP171WX2-A4K6 LP171WE2-TLA3 N121IB-L04 CLAA154WA06
LP171WX2-A4K9 LP171WE3-TLA2 B121EW03 V.2 CLAA154WB03
LP171WX2-TLB2 LTN170P1-L02 N121I3-L04 CLAA154WB04
LTN170BT05-G01 LTN170P2-L01 LTD121EXUQ CLAA154WB04A
LTN170BT07-G01 LTN170WP-L02 QD12TL02 Rev.01 CLAA154WB04N
LTN170BT08 LTN170MT02-G01 LTN121AT01-002 CLAA154WB05
LTN170BT08-G01 LTN170MT02-001 QD12TL02 Rev.03 CLAA154WB05A
LTN170WX-L03 LTN170P1-L01 N121i9-L02 CLAA154WB08AN
LTN170WX-L04 B141PW01 V.0 LTD121KX5V CLAA154WB09
LTN170WX-L05 B141PW01 V.1 LTN121AT02 CLAA154WB09A
LTN170WX-L06 B141PW01 V.2 B121EW03 V.8 CLAA154WN08AN
LTN170WX-L08 B141PW01 V.3 LTN121AT02-001 LP154W01-A1
LTN170X2-L01-G00 B141PW01 V.4 LTN121AT01-W01 LP154W01-A3
LTN170X2-L02 B141PW03 V.0 N121IA-L01 LP154W01-A3K1
LTN170X2-L03 LP141WP1-TL03 N121I6-L01 REV.CT LP154W01-A3K2
N170C2-L02 LP141WP1-TLA1 HV121WX3-100 LP154W01-A3K3
QD17TL02 LP141WP1-TLA2 HV121WX1-100 LP154W01-A3K4
QD17TL02 Rev.02 LP141WP1-TLA3 HT121XW2-L03 LP154W01-A3K6
QD17TL02 Rev.03 LP141WP1-TLB2 HV121WX4-120 LP154W01-A5
QD17TL02 Rev.04 LP141WP1-TLB3 HV121WX4-110 LP154W01-A5K1
QD17TL02 Rev.05 LP141WP1-TLB7 B173RW01 V.0 LP154W01-A5K2
QD17TL02 Rev.06 LP141WP1-TLB8 B173RW01 V.2 LP154W01-B3
QD17TL02 Rev.07 LP141WP1-TLB9 B173RW01 V.3 LP154W01-TL12
LP171WX2-TLB4 LP141WP1-TLC1 CLAA173UA01A LP154W01-TL13
QD17TL02-06 LP141WP1-TLC2 LP173WD1-TLA1 LP154W01-TLA1
QD17TL02-05 LP141WP1-TLC3 LP173WD1-TLA2 LP154W01-TLA2
N170C2-L01 LP141WP1-TLD2 LP173WD1-TLA3 LP154W01-TLA3
LTN170BT09-001 B156HW01 V.1 LP173WD1-TLB2 LP154W01-TLA8
LP171WX2-A4 B156HW01 V.2 LP173WD1-TLC3 LP154W01-TLA9
LTN170BT02-002 B156HW01 V.3 LP173WD1-TLD1 LP154W01-TLAA
HSD170MGW1-A00 B156HW01 V.4 LP173WD1-TLD3 LP154W01-TLAC
HSD170MGW1-B00 B156HW01 V.5 LTN173KT01-B05 LP154W01-TLAD
LTN170BT05-001 B156HW01 V.6 LTN173KT01-A01 LP154W01-TLAE
LP171WX2-B4 B156HW01 V.7 LTN173KT01-C01 LP154W01-TLAF
A089SW01 V.0 B156HW02 V.0 LTN173KT01-T01 LP154W01-TLAG
B089AW01 V.0 B156HW02 V.1 LTN173KT01-P01 LP154W01-TLAH
B089AW01 V.3 B156HW02 V.2 B173RW01 V.5 LP154W01-TLAJ
HSD089IFW1-A00 B156HW02 V.3 LTN173KT01-K01 LP154W01-TLB1
LTN089NT01-001 B156HW02 V.4 LTN173KT01-L01 LP154W01-TLB5
B170UW01 V.0 B156HW02 V.5 LP173WD1-TLP1 LP154W01-TLB6
B170UW01 V.1 B156HB01 V.0 LP173WD1-TLP3 LP154W01-TLC5
LP171WU1 B156HTN01.0 LTN173KT02-801 LP154W01-TLD1
LP171WU1-A1 N156HGE-L11 LP173WD1-TLN1 LP154W01-TLD2
LP171WU1-A4 N156HGE-L21 LP171WD1-TLN4 LP154W01-TLD3
LP171WU1-A4K2 N156HGE-L31 N173FGE-L12 LP154W01-TLD4
LP171WU1-A4K3 N156HGE-L41 N173FGE-LA3 LP154W01-TLD5
LP171WU1-A4K4 LP156WF1-TLA1 LP173WD1-TLP4 LP154W01-TLE1
LP171WU1-A4K5 LP156WF1-TLA2 LTN173KT01-Q01 LP154W01-TLE3
LP171WU1-A4K6 LP156WF1-TLB1 LTN173KT01-D01 LP154W01-TLE4
LP171WU1-TLA1 LP156WF1-TLB2 B173RW01 V.1 LP154W01-TLE5
LP171WU1-TLA3 LP156WF1-TLE2 LP173WD1-TLC2 LP154W01-TLF1
LP171WU1-TLA5 LTN156HT01-101 LP173WD1-TLD2 LP154W01-TLF2
LP171WU1-TLA6 LTN156HT01-201 LTN173KT01-H01 LP154W01-TLF3
LP171WU1-TLA7 LTN156HT02-201 N173O6-L02 LP154W01-TLH1
LP171WU1-TLA8 LP171WU3-TLB1 LTN173KT01-J01 LTN170CT05-F01
LP171WU1-TLB1 LP171WU3-TLB3 LTN173KT01-101 LTN170CT05-G01
LP171WU1-TLB2 LQ170M1LA12 B173WD1-TLC2 LTN170CT07
LP171WU3-TLA1 LQ170M1LA2A LP173WD1-TLN2 LTN170U1-L01
LP171WU3-TLA2 LQ170M1LA2D LTN170CT02-002 LTN170WU-L01
LP171WU3-TLA3 LQ170M1LA2E LTN170CT03-001 LTN170WU-L02
LTN170U1-L02 LTN170CT07-G01 LP171WU1-TLA4 LTN170WU-L03
LTN170CT03 LP141WX3-TLN1 LP141WX3-TLN2 LP141WX3-TLB4
LP141WX1-TLA2 LQ154K1LB1B QD15TL04 QD15TL02

M236H1-L01               M215HW01 V0                   ClAA154WA01 G             QD15TL07
LP154WX5-TLA1            LP154WX4-TLB4                 LP154WX4-TLC8             LP154WX4-TLAA
LTN154X3-L01             LTN154X3-L03                  LTN154X3-L06              LTN154X2-L02
N154C3-L02               N154I1-L0C                    N154I2-L02                N154I2-L05    
LTN154XA-L01             LTN154XB-L01                  LTN154X3-L0D              TX39D30VC1GAA 
LP156WH4-TLN1            LP156WH2-TLQB                 LP156WH2-TLE1             LP156WH4-TLC1           
B156XW02 V.2             B156XW02 V.0                  B156XW02 V.3              LTN133W1-L01
LP141WX1-TLE1            HSD173PUW1-A00                N173HGE-L11               N173HGE-L21
HSD101PFW1-A04           LTN101NT02-T01                B089AW01 V.0              N089L6-L02


Package Include:

  • 1 X LCD Controller Board (M.NT68676.2A)
  • 1 X Inverter 
  • 1 X 5 keys Keypad
  • 1 X LVDS cable

    Beside this kit, you will need to prepare the VGA cable/DVI cable/HDMI cable and power adapter yourself. If you want to buy the power adapter from us too, please buy item 121059321784.

 As we need to select the right inverter and lvds cable to match your lcd for you, and also the supplier may update of the lcd controller boad a little,so they may be not the same as that shown in the picture. Hope for your understanding. 
    Welcome to customize your own kit!




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