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SAM Coupé Interface Case 

Black - Mould Test from 1989

This auction consists of a test moulding in black plastic of the case used by MGT for their SAM Coupe interfaces.

In 1989 when the plastic moulds were made for the SAM Coupé Interface boxes a small run of test cases were made

in black plastic, to check the moulds and sizes were all correct. This was before the large production run

which was later carried out in white plastic for all the final interfaces from MGT, such as the Comms interface etc...

I was lucky to be passed the test cases many years ago which I had kept as part of my own SAM collection. However,

I am now selling a couple of them to raise proceeds to fund all my ongoing SAM Coupe projects. 

This auction consists of the main case body, with the opening for the Euroconnector, plus three end pieces: One solid, one

with a slot cutout (as used in the MGT & SAMCo external disk drive interfaces) and one with a cutout for a 26pin header and 9 pin D

(this was the test for the Comms Interface - however the holes are in the wrong positions - good job they did a test run so

this mistake could be corrected before the main production run!)

I'll also include two new screws for the case.

It's a novel collectors item for any SAM Coupe fan! 

To either have as a collectors piece or to actually re-case an interface you may have to make it more unique!

Thanks for looking! Let's keep the SAM going for another 25 years!

Postage and Packing Prices 

UK Signed-For Delivery: £4.25

Standard Europe Delivery: £5.45

Quazar - Celebrating 21 Years of Developing for the SAM Coupé!

I founded Quazar back back in 1995 when I released my first piece of hardware for the SAM Coupe - the Quazar Surround soundcard. Over the years I have now designed and released a vast range of hardware and software for the SAM, as well as releasing a regular magazine. SAM Revival is a printed magazine with an accompanying cover disk of software and aims to be packed full of all the latest SAM Coupé news, interesting features, articles and interviews, catering for everything SAM related. Currently on issue 25, the first issue launched back in August 2002 and has grown from strength to strength, being read by SAM users in 20 countries.

If you are looking for more SAM games, then take a look at SAM Revival magazine! It has featured a cover disk from issue 9 onwards and has featured both new and old commercial SAM games (with the full permission of the authors, and often an accompanying interview too!), here's the lineup of the games:

Issue 9 - Manic Miner (a true SAM classic!), Money Bags
Issue 10 - Invasion II
Issue 12 - Mage Fire
Issue 13 - Marbles Deluxe
Issue 14 - Days of Sorcery
Issue 15 - Legend of Eshan
Issue 16 - Colony
Issue 17 - T'n'T, Money Bags 1 1/2
Issue 18 - Defender, Captain Comic, 3 Emulators: Orao, Galeksija, Apple I
Issue 19 - Conquest
Issue 20 - The Light Corridor, Booty, Invaders
Issue 21 - Batz 'N Balls, SAM Tetris, Soul Magacian, Pac Man
Issue 22 - Burglar Bob

Issue 23 - VIC-20 Emulator, Survive the Night, 3D Demo 2

Issue 24 - The Witching Hour, Minutes before The Witching Hour

Issue 25 - *Massive 56 page issue with 2 coverdisks* Vegetable Vacation, Moby DX, B-DOS 1.5t beta 6, Stars and Sprites Megademo

Plus, there's other utilities, demos, source code on the disks, as well as all the great stuff in the magazine too! For more information and buying SAM Revival magazine see my website at for all the information! (I do also try to keep the most recent issues listed on my eBay sales too for convenience, but they all can be bought through the website with easy PayPal buy-it-now buttons!)

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