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This Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer not only cooks flawless rice but also bakes cakes. It include a new steaming function for a healthier cooking option. Its clear coated stainless steel exterior is not only easy to clean, but also matches any kitchen d├ęcor. Multi-menu cooking functions include White/Sushi Rice, Mixed Rice, Porridge, Sweet rice, Brown Rice, Germinated Brown Rice,Sponge Cake, Cheese Cake and Quick cooking. Other features include detachable inner lid, easy-to-read LCD control panel, automatic keep warm and timer.
  • The NS-TSQ10 rice cooker have been designed to cook Rice to its ideal texture, with its built in cooking sequence and its water level marking on its inner pan.
  • This rice cooker uses a micro controller(with Fuzzy Logic) to control the cooking temperature of the rice at all time ensuring that the cooking cycle is at its precised temperature range.
  • This rice cooker is also designed to cook other type of rice; Mixed rice, Mixed rice with Barley, white rice, Sushi Rice, Porridge.
  • Other than cooking rice, this multi-function rice cooker can also bake sponge cake or cheese easily.
  • Include a melody or beeper to indicate cooking completion, and timer LCD which tells you the count down duration of the cooking process.
  • Comes with instruction manual explaining the different functions and how to use them, including some cake recipes to help you begin with.
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Make: ZOJIRUSHI  (Japan)
Model: NS-TSQ10
Color: Bronze & Stainless Steel
Dimension: W25.5cm x D35.5cm x H21.5cm
Capacity: 1 Litre/ 5.5 cups
Include: Spatula, spatula holder, and rice-measuring cup
Electric Rating: AC 230V, 610W
Net Weight: 3.6 Kg
Shipping Weight: 5 Kg
Item Location: Singapore
Free Australia Adapter:
  • Item is Brand New
  • Money Back Warranty for defective item.
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  • Yes, I can Ship to WorldWide.
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Q2. Can I view the item before purchasing?
A2. You can see the detail photos in the listing, this is the exact item you will receive upon purchase.

Q3. Is this item legitimate and genuine? Why are you selling the item cheaper than the store?
A3. Yes, this item is Legitimate and Genuine through proper distribution channel. We can sell at a lower price because we do not own a physical shop which normally attracts a high rent.

Q4. Can I pay by Credit Card?
A4. Yes you can pay by Credit Card when you select to pay through the PAYPAL option.

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Q6. What type of AC power plug is provided on this device?
A6. This comes with the UK 3 pin AC power plug(Type G), however we can provide a FREE socket adapter that suits your country upon request.

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