1,people say your buttons got quality problem?
Nope, that is not true, I use them myself aswell, no quality problems,those who dont have a tool or dont know how to use them without a tool will blame quality issues,but quality is absolutely fine, maybe not great, but fine to use as a button.

2,I dont know how to use them?
Please think twice before you buy load of them, you may buy one bag to try out then decide if you want more of them.

3,how to use them?
they will need a proper tool, but there are some advices online for using them without a tool,you wrap the fabric on it, sew them around,then snap onto the bottom,snap real hard, it should work.

4,do you have a "how to use" vedio?
No, I dont, but i have a pic for how to use it with a proper tool, you can message me and ask for the photo.

5,Do you sell the tool?
No,I dont,it is a large tool and expensive, I dont have them in stock for selling

6,why my buttons are not matched?
It is self cover button, the covers ought to be bigger than the bottom, it is for fabric wrapping use,so you will find the cover is much bigger than the bottoms, but it is what it ought to be,not quality problem.

7,There are some prints on my buttoms!?
For  environmental protection purpose, we sometimes will use the wasted cans as original material, thats why it looks has patterns on it,but please do not worry, it is branded new buttons, not used,and wont affect any of the button fuctions.
Thanks all of you, have a lovely shopping!

Fabric self cover button

Perfect for
DIY your own favored button, to match the item itself

If you need wrapping fabric,
 please have a look my"fabric" seletions on other links, thanks!


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