VR Glasses converts your Iphone/Android SmartPhones into VR Headset.

Fully Assembled Version based on Google Cardboard Design

Available in 1 Colors:Black

How to use it:

Download VR App, Side by side video or 3d image in your phone

Put your Phone into VGVR

Wear VGVR on your face like other glasses

Fasten the Velcro strap

Here you go into VR world

You will be able to see all VR apps into 360 degree so move your head to explore the beauty of the Applications.

For better experience use Bluetooth stereo headphones

Install Apps like Zombie Shooter, Google Official "Cardboard" App , Roller Coaster VR or any other Virtual Reality (VR) App from your App Store (Both Play Store and IOS)

Product Description: 

Premium Cardboard( black ) that is relatively stronger than a normal cardboard.

Made from Composite Material that prevents Sweat Marks and is 5 times more strong and Reliable than Traditional Cardboard.

2pc Import quality Biconvex lenses

2pc Magnets.