Attention Rucka's Nuckas!!

This is Rucka Rucka Ali.

How would you like your very own custom signed glossy print of the NEW Rucka Rucka Ali album cover "Black Man of Steal"?

Now, for $20, you can get a signed print with YOUR NAME written on it by me, in my very own bad handwriting!! 

Be the coolest mofo on your street with an autographed print of the hottest new album in the world!!

Just buy this product via Paypal, tell me what name to write on it (e.g. Tommy, Billy, Kimberly, Osama) and wait by the mailbox for your very own autographed picture!! 

I will contact you via e-mail to ask what name you want written on it.

Makes for a great GIFT this holiday season. Get a custom print made out to your best friend, significant other, little brother, grandma... The options are limitless!!!

The album cover is a sharp 2000 square pixels, printed on standard-size glossy ass printer paper. 

To see an example, browse the pictures at the top of this listing.

Note the sloppy message to Richard, and the autograph next to the chicken-waving President. It doesn't get more authentic than this!!

(The example picture is a bit lighter than it is IRL because of the scanner flash)


Sorry, this product is available in USA ONLY.

NOTE: This eBay listing is linked from the official Rucka Rucka Ali website (News section on home page), as well as the Rucka Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is personally managed, and the item is personally signed by Rucka Rucka Ali.