I offer dream of collectors, functional SONY CRF-V21. In the receiver there are approximately 90 integrated circuits and 160 pieces of transistors. I had to replace all defective electrolytic capacitors in the receivers: power board supply, signal board, microcomputer board (power supply section).Two years after a repair is set in excellent condition There are also new NI-CD pieces in the 1900 mAh Battery. Shipping is higher: receiver, power supply unit, etc. , plus excellent packaging (weighs almost 20 kg, which is 40 lb).         
  • Economic:
    • Europe - 64 USD
    • USA -Canada- 76 USD   CHINA-88 USD
  • Priority:
    • Europe - 74 USD
    • USA-Canada - 190 USD   CHINA-275 USD
 Thank you for your time. Shipping Worldwide.