Rossmark 220AMP TIG/ARC/MMA Welder | Commercial Series: Ws-220 | Rossmark

Introducing the all new Rossmark WS-220 twin function TIG/ARC, which is rapidly becoming the most wanted multi-functional TIG in Australia and New Zealand. The WS-220 that is lightweight and small boasts about real DC inverter technology, providing immediate start, deep incursion and the finest weld finish. The WS-220 uses the competence and consistency of Multiple IGBT Inverters facilitating an enormous growth in duty cycle that means you can force this powerhouse to the capacity and beyond.

This remarkably compact WS-220 is efficient enough to operate a 4mm rod and flowing coated soft mixture with great firmness of the Arc. This Rossmark WS-220 DC Inverter Welder is modifiable from 10-200A and creates perfect TIG results, even with sheet metal.

This is a mandatory tool that would be required by any contract welder, tradesmen or handyman! The whole Rossmark range has a proven track record of improvement, performance and dependability that assures you smooth and perfect outcome each time.

This stunning multi-functional tool can be taken anywhere to weld ferrous metals such as Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Chrome Moly, etc. Be it fabrication, metal body works or repairs, the Rossmark WS-220 performs it all flawlessly!

Without doubt, Rossmark WS-220 will last longer and do a better job! What's more, this product is strongly supported by our Full 1 Year Replacement Warranty.

What’s all about Inverter Technology?
Constant current alteration is the big advantage of a transistor bridge (Inverter) technology. This facilitates for enhanced competence with power conversion transcending 85%. Rossmark welders’ whole range makes use of the Inverter technology that means it’s lightweight, small and simple to use.

Rossmark is known to bring the ultimate welding power in your hands. Get your WS-220 right away and weld like a true professional...

  • Brand/Model : Rossmark WS 220
  • Input Voltage : 240V 15 Amp Plug
  • Output Current Range : 10-200Amps (Max)
  • No-Load Voltage : 72V
  • Parts : Always Available
  • Max Rated Input : 15 Amp (Require 15Amp Socket)
  • Efficiency : 85%
  • Class Of Insulation : IP21/F
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @ 200A / 100% @ 160A
  • Size: 375 X 230x 155mm
  • Weight : 9kg
Included In The Box
  • 1 X Rossmark MMA/ARC, WS 220
  • 1 X Electrode Holder
  • 1 X Tig Torch
  • 1 X Mask
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 1 X Knock Hammer/Wire Brush
  • TIG Cutting Accessories
  • 1 X User Manual
  • 1 X Earth Clamp