This is a brand new factory pressed digi pack, CD with booklet released in July 2015 by RLS Records.

The images are for the Cover, Tray Card, and 12 page booklet.
The booklet is reversable, meaning you read cover to centerfold one side wth ALL Jim Gillette era info, songs credits, liner notes and images. 
Then you flip the booklet over, and read cover to centerfold with ALL Stevie Rachelle era info, song credits, liner notes and images. 

The liner notes by Jim Gillette, Todd 'Chase' Chaisson and Stevie Rachelle are not shown, you can read them when you receive your CD.
There are also over a dozen images, many never seen before.All tracks have been remastered and sound Glam as F??k!

The Disc includes the early era recordings with Jimmy L'Mour (aka Jim Gillette) on lead Vocals.
The first 4 of these half dozen tracks were originally released on Cassette ONLY as "Knock Yourself Out" in 1986 by Tuff Muff Music Inc.

Order today...and enjoy "The Glam Years 1987-1989" by Tuff.

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