Your chance to own a true one-off! Hammer Pong was created for the Giant Electronic Art Show at the Woking (UK) Lightbox gallery last year and will be making an appearance at the Brighton (UK) Maker Faire on 5th September, but unfortunately after that I'm going to have to strip it down for parts and dump it (sad face) as it is no longer economical to keep it in storage.

Unless of course you want to own it! 

See for a clip of it in action.

First thing... its pretty big as you can see from the pictures. The width of the base is a little short of 2m and the total height is 5m. It can also be pretty noisy in use, with smacking and loud beeps. It is is not suitable for installation in wet conditions or permanent outdoor installation. It does come apart easily for transport and storage (held together with bolts)

Second thing... (ideally) I'd like you to be able to collect it from the Brighton Mini Maker Faire (Brighton Dome) on 5th September 2015, from about 6pm.

Component wise you get 66 large 24V LED Gabochon fairground lights with power supply, 6 x 5 metre WS28212 addressable RGB LED strips with a 150W supply, plus various electronic parts including Arduino Due and Teensy 2 development boards so there is a few hundred pounds worth of parts alone. The construction is of MDF sheets with softwood bracing. Power is a single 220V mains socket and current draw is less than 5A.

The project is open source, with the code available here

It was featured on the popular maker blog site Hack-a-day

Due to the high parts cost, I would be looking for £450 or a close offer, otherwise it is better for me to strip it down, but since it took such a lot of time to build I would rather it find a new home.

Hammer Pong will be sold as seen and must be collected by the buyer. Come to Brighton Mini Maker Faire to see it in action. It will be in working condition when sold but returns will not be accepted once taken away.

Please PM me with any questions you have about this listing or item. Cheers!

Please note I will be advertising this item elsewhere and may need  to end this listing early if sold elsewhere.