Huge Wholesale Lot
Over 11,200 Units!

Due to a decrease in available time and the need to regain some floor space, we are liquidating a large segment of our inventory.  We have been successfully selling individual items like this on eBay and Amazon as a side business for several years.  This is a great opportunity for somebody to pick up a large amount of inventory for pennies on the dollar.  The original MSRP on these items is easily over $150,000.  Start or supplement your own eBay, Amazon, or flea market business!

Some items are new.  Some items are shelf pulls, meaning they were on display in a retail environment and the packaging may show wear, have price stickers, or have been opened.  Some items are refurbished.  Many of the items are untested customer returns.  These are items a customer returned to the store because they changed their mind, bought the wrong size or type, or the item did not meet their expectations.  Some of these items may be missing the packaging, missing accessories, defective, broken, or incomplete.  We discarded any items we saw that were obvious junk but did not do any other testing or evaluation on the items in this sale.  In our experience the majority of customer return items are fully functional with just open or damaged packaging or some cosmetic imperfections.  Working from similar inventory we found that 70% or more of customer return items were sellable as-is or with minor cleaning or repairs.  This is a ballpark figure from doing this for a few years, but this is an untested bulk lot so we cannot guarantee you will have the same rate of success.

Most customer return items include the original packaging or a part number on a return sticker to help identify what the item is.  Most refurbished items have a label with the UPC number so you can look up what the item is with an Amazon or Google search.  This is a big help for describing and advertising items, especially for phone and tablet cases that might be difficult to identify otherwise.

Please note that the "lot" numbers in the photos are actually box numbers.  There are 174 boxes included in this sale.  eBay only allows us to upload a few photos, so we set up a separate page to showcase more.

Click here to view over 350 photos and a spreadsheet detailing the quantities and types of items included!

Here are some highlights:

4700+ Cell Phone Cases
from brands like Otterbox, Case-Mate, Mophie, Incipio, Samsung, Griffin, Ventev, White Diamond, and many others!  Older model phones right up to iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 cases!  Most cases are for popular iPhone and Android devices.

nearly 1500 Tablet Cases
from brands like Tucano, Apple, Samsung, Griffin, Belkin, and others.  Lots of iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini cases, as well as cases for popular Android tablets and many universal cases.  Includes lots of Bluetooth keyboard cases!

nearly 100 MP3 Player Cases

500+ Other Cell Phone Accessories
including screen protectors, holsters, docks, car holders, replacement parts, and more.

700+ Wall & Car Chargers
including many combination chargers and kits with multiple cables.

50+ Laptop Chargers
most with multiple tips/adapters, including wall and car chargers, and retractable cable chargers.

700+ USB Cables
including retractable cables, light-up cables, cable sets, over 200 Lightning cables, and more!

nearly 300 USB devices
including hubs, keyboards, mice, memory card readers, serial port adapters, Bluetooth adapters, and more!

150+ Headsets
including headphones and headsets with microphones for computers, Xbox, Playstation, and more!

400+ Ink Cartridges
some remanufactured cartridges but mostly OEM name brands, including dozens of multi-packs which we only counted as one unit!  Open box returns and sealed but expired cartridges.  Most cartridges are good several years beyond the expiration date.  Just search eBay to see that they sell!  Or trade them in for store credit at office supply stores.

300+ Toner Cartridges
including many name brands and large commercial cartridges, mostly shelf pulls and surplus stock.

Hundreds of Games & Accessories
including computer games, Xbox and Playstation controllers and chargers, cables, action figures, and more!

Hundreds of Cables and Adapters
including HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, analog, optical, and digital audio, coax, network, and others.

Hundreds of Laptop Bags & Cases
many sizes, nice carrying bags and padded cases, snap-on shells, and more.

Hundreds of Other Items
including car cassette adapters, commercial barcode scanner parts, portable speakers, replacement phone and camera batteries, battery chargers, camera cases and accessories, and more!

Over 11,200 units total!

Click here to view over 350 photos and a spreadsheet detailing the quantities and types of items included!


This wholesale lot is sold "as is, where is."  No returns or refunds.  All sales final.


Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and costs.

Local pickup is highly preferred.  The boxes are packed full, sealed, and ready to load.  They are sturdy and can be stacked.  The total weight is over 4000 pounds and the total volume is close to 400 cubic feet.  We can help load a box truck (moving truck) or similar trailer.  You would need a 15' U-Haul or similar size vehicle capable of safely and legally hauling over 4000 pounds of cargo.

If you are not able to pick the lot up in person, we may be able to help with shipping arrangements.  This lot would require approximately six pallets with a total shipping weight of approximately 4250 pounds.  We prefer you make your own freight arrangements and pay the shipper directly.  We can palletize and load with a forklift if required.  Please allow approximately a week from payment date for us to prepare the lot for shipping.


Payment is to be cash upon pickup unless other arrangements for certified funds are agreed to in advance.
If you are picking up or shipping within Pennsylvania, 6% sales tax applies (unless you provide a completed resale exemption form with your PA sales tax license number).  Payment must be made in full within 3 days if the lot will be shipped.  Lot must be picked up within two weeks if paying upon pickup.

Questions & Offers

Please ask any and all questions before making an offer.  Offers are binding.  When you make an offer, please let us know if you plan to pick the lot up in person or if we will have to assist with shipping, as we need to consider how much additional time and supplies would be required to prepare the lot for freight shipping.  Please do not ask us to break up the lot.  At this time we are only offering it as a package deal.  We can be reached through eBay or by emailing books at sushob dot com.

Thanks for looking!