Stuffed animal/collectible Belgian Malinois Police Dog - Custom Cover Your K-9 Hero Plush Dog with cool doggles, collar, metal badge & removable camoflage vest. Our Cover Your K-9 Hero is an 8" tall Belgian Malinois police dog that is sitting at attention. The hang tag gives a short history of the Belgian Malinois as a working dog.  With your donation of $20 & shipping (no extra charges added), you can help a real K-9 hero & have one at home - a mini working police dog/military working dog wearing a camo vest, collar & metal K9 badge with its own doggles.

Donations assist the Police & Working K-9 Foundation "Cover Your K-9" program in our work with local communities and law enforcement agencies in California to provide customized bulletproof K9 vests and heat alarms for patrol cars, as well as K-9 first aid kits, K9 training and other specialized equipment to keep our hardworking police dogs protected while they work to protect us.  We also maintain a special fund to provide emergency medical care to retired K-9s.  Thank you for helping to protect our real K9 Heroes!

-Expedited Shipping Available-

Our other Cover Your K9 Heroes are a German Shepherd K9 Hero and a Labrador Retriever K9 Hero - we also have T-shirts (all in our eBay store).  All proceeds help support our programs to keep K9 teams safe!

Note:  The Police and Working K-9 Foundation is an all volunteer non-profit corporation recognized by the IRS & our tax ID is 27-2717-583.