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These Butterfly art wall stickers can be bought in large, medium or small, inspiring wall 
art decals for cars, bedroom bathroom, living room, kitchen, kids room, nursery or children's play 
area, can be applied to any smooth flat surface, our giant wall decals are not wall stencils however they 
achieve the same goal with neater effects, once you transfer the huge graphic onto the wall, inspire 
home interior design ideas with our 800 home decor wall sticker designs in store.

Comes with a satisfaction guarantee!

48x Butterfly art wall stickers, 4 sizes kitchen wall decal 0.99p free post

butterfly animal children dinosaur fairy flower heart lamp light love music nursery oriental skeleton skyline sport tile tree quotes modern bathroom bedroom decorative giant large living room viny decals


I'm worried about wall stickers damaging my wall, does this happen often?
No, if our wall stickers damaged walls we quite simply would not be in business. Our wall transfers do not damage walls as we use a specific material with just the correct amount of self adhesive glue for the vinyl to be removable, yet stay on your surface for many years.

I'm a little worried about fitting is there anything i should know?
Fitting wall stickers is extremely easy for people in the know however if you are new to wallstickers we want you to be assured that fitting wall stickers is very very easy, we supply every order with fitting instructions, and application tape readily applied so you can get straight to work, put our satisfaction gaurantee to the test.

the most important ingredient is patience and planning if required, we have a video on our store home page with step by step instructions if you want to know how before hand.

Unlike other sellers we do not send wall stickers out in more than one piece where we can help it, you will find sellers around ebay selling small stickers in 20 or more pieces, our small sizes always come in one piece, medium and large wall stickers can sometimes come in 2 and on rare occasion 3 pieces, we have around 5 items out of 1000+ range that come in 4-7 pieces and our dandelion comes in many pieces as each part of the head is fitted individually for the ability to customise which way your dandelion is blowing. please be sure to check your design before fitting to check that it does not need cutting up.

How long will the vinyl last?
Our Vinyl has a life expectancy of 7 years externally, if fitting wall stickers on the interior the vinyl will not be exposed to any elements therefore your transfer should last an extremely long time.

Im worried about bubbles what can i do?
On rare occasion bubbles are created within the vinyl due to trapped air, if you are unable to squeegee this out, prick the bubble with a pin which will release the air from the bubble. this will not be visible on your wall sticker.

Im in rented accommodation, is the vinyl removable? 
Our vinyl material can be very easily removed as our stickers only use medium tac adhesive giving the sticker more than enough hold yet not too much to the point that it damages your wall. to be extra safe you can heat the Vinyl using a hairdryer, due to the transfers being a very thin plastic the vinyl curls up and comes off the wall.

Are vinyl wall stickers re-usable?
Unfortunately not, you may be able to remove certain designs and reuse if there is enough sticky self adhesive left on the vinyl however we do not support this, in most cases the wall sticker can not be re-used.

Is the Vinyl Printed, is there a shiny background?
No our vinyl is not printed it is computer cut straight from the self adhesive vinyl we use meaning that there is no clear background so no clear film reflecting the light, the background of your wall sticker will be your wall itself.

Do you Supply your Wall Art in Matte or Gloss?
We used to supply gloss however we have changed most of our material to matte.

Gloss colours: Soft Pink, Light Brown, Copper, Soft Pink, Silver, Lavender and Violet
Matte: All remaining colous 

Can i have my wall sticker mirrored / reversed?
Yes you can, all you need to do is leave a note in with your paypal payment and / or send us a message shortly after payment stating your request, if no note is received we will send the item the same direction as pictured.

The picture shows multiple color choices, can i choose? if so how?
Yes you can and as Above, all you need to do is leave a note in with your paypal payment and / or send us a message shortly after payment stating your request.

What kind of surfaces can I apply the vinyl to?
The self adhesive vinyl that we use can be stuck to any smooth flat surface, main uses are painted or papered walls but can also be stuck to fridges, cars, windows, mirrors, bathroom showers, toilets and much more. our wall stickers have also been known to stick to canvas and cloth materials, the best method to use if you are not sure if our vinyl is suitable is to purchase a set of our 1.99p free p&p butterfly wall stickers and use as a sample. 

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Happy Bidding.