College Party Pack

From the makers of Drinking Game Zone - the world's #1 Drinking Game Website

Play HUNDREDS of Drinking Games with your friends at the next house party!

40x Red Solo Cups & 6x Pong Balls
Beer Pong
Slap Cup
Civil War

4x Shot Glasses

Shot Roulette
Spin the Bottle

4x Dice
Shot Roulette

Three Man
Get 20
Snake Eyes

1x Deck of Cards
Kings Drinking Game

Circle of Death
Ride the Bus
Horse Race

2x Quarters

Flip, Sip or Strip


-"The perfect gift for my nephew, a junior in college"

-"With Christmas around the corner, this was exactly what I was looking for for my 24 year old son"

-"We play different drinking games every weekend thanks to the Party Pack"

-"With and their Party Packs, there's never a dull moment at our pregames"

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