In his acclaimed and fascinating book Memento Mori, a companion to the most beautiful floor in the world, researcher Dott. Dane Munro painstakingly has transcribed and edited, in a strictly diplomatic manner, all 400 Latin inscribed texts of the polychrome intarsia sepulchral slabs belonging to the Knights of the Order of St John which can be found at St John’s Co-Cathedral at Valletta, Malta. It is said that the St John's Co-Cathedral has the most beautiful floor in the world. Until now, this bold claim has gone unchallenged.

This edition also includes the first ever translations of the full corpus of text into English. This is the first time that a researcher has succeeded in unraveling the rather complicated Neo-Latin texts embedded in the marble grave slabs. Besides translating the inscribed text, Munro also catalogued the art, iconography and symbols rendered on the sepulchral slabs and monuments.

The work offers contemporary readers, who are not familiar with Latin and sepulchral symbols, a unique and exciting insight into the thoughts, fears and aspirations of sixteenth to eighteenth century Knights of St John. Munro’s text is accompanied by beautiful photography by Maurizio Urso, who rendered the otherwise rather cold marble slabs into very warm works of art.

Memento Mori is considered to be a work of art in itself and each university and museum library should have a copy. Memento Mori has become a standard work in the field of sepulchral art, history, history of art and Neo-Latin with regard the Order of St John and St John’s Co-Cathedral.

Memento Mori won the Culture Prize of the Maltese Islands 2005 for the best publication.

Author: Dane Munro

Title: Memento Mori, a companion to the most beautiful floor in the world

Photographer: Maurizio Urso

Publisher: MJ Publications, Malta, 2005.

Format: Two volumes, boxed (wood, cloth), carton box. Weight: approx. 5 kg (11.02 lb). Including packaging 5.5 kg (12.13lb). Art Edition.

Size volume 1: Hardbound, 24 x 33.5 cm (9.449 inch x 13.19 inch) ; 376 pages; of which 208 pages text on textured art paper; of which 168 pages with images / photography, printed in six colours on semi-matt black paper.  ISBN Vol. 1:  978-99932-90-11-7

Size volume 2: Softbound, 24 x 33.5 cm (9.449 inch x 13.19 inch); 144 pages text. ISBN Vol. 2:  978-99932-90-12-4

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