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Want to use your bike more? Urban Bikers’ Tricks & Tips will help—because its tips come from bicycle riders, both beginner and hard-core, from all over North America.

Secrets you'll learn:
  • How to keep your helmet from messing up your hair.
  • How to lock to keep your bike from getting stolen—ever.
  • What to do about a sore butt.
  • How to bike faster and with more comfort—anywhere, any time.

Do you want to sit and read for hours? Then get another book—because Urban Bikers’ Tricks & Tips is the only book on bicycling that shows every tip with pictures, not just words.

If you hardly use a bicycle, this book will help you bike more. And if you ride every day, this book will surprise you—and even make you a stealth cyclist.

New in the 3rd revised edition:
  • The latest in locking hardware, including pictures and unique features of prominent brands.
  • The latest in bike-helmet equipment and fitting.
  • The newest developments in headlight devices, including LED, lithium-ion, and battery-free technology.
  • Explanations of internal-gear and single-gear drive trains.

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Urban Bikers' Tricks & Tips—Low-Tech & No-Tech Ways to Find, Ride, & Keep a Bicycle, Revised 3rd Edition, 250 pages, in color, illustrated paperback, ISBN 97809651728-2-0, dimensions 9" x 6" x .5", shipping weight 1.5 pounds