"Honoring those who give their all to improve our species." 

This playful pottery Darwin Awards mug is handmade by author Wendy "Darwin" Northcutt. 

Extremely well-crafted durable stoneware mug accomodates 15 ounces of coffee--nearly two cups!  Dishwasher and microwave safe, cobalt blue "chatter" texture on the bottom third, pretty purple rutile glaze on the top and inside. Teal green "belly band" with lots of carvings!  The bottom is signed with unnatural care.

Round the belly of the cup are hand-carved stick figure drawings, the slogan "Honoring those who give their all..." and, of course, "The Darwin Awards."

Weight of the ceramic mug is about 16 ounces.  Heft is medium-to-lightweight.  The colors blend well together.

Hand-made and signed by Wendy, for authentication verify on the Darwin Awards website, www.DarwinAwards.com -- also a hand-written letter of thanks from Wendy Northcutt is included in the shipment.

Ships everywhere.

If the auction price reaches $149, a FREE autographed Darwin Awards book will be included in the shipment.  (Hey, a lady can dream...!)  Blessings, thanks for reading, friend.  --Wemdu