No other doc brings together the real story as to why Nato attacked and that documents and celebrates the Libyan peoples popular resistance to Nato. Largely filmed in Libya during the Nato war of aggression against the country through the year of 2011. It features interviews with Libyan Jamahiryan government representatives as well as political experts and civilians. Exclusive interviews with many Libyan women in the Resistance, those 'manning' check-points, women's liberation leaders, civilian relief workers, academics, and also exclusive interviews with Dr Khaled Kaim, former Deputy Foreign Minister of the Libyan Jamahirya, and Dr Yusuf Shakir, former anti-Gaddafi dissident who then ran the most popular TV show on Libyan TV that resisted Nato, Mohammed Hassan an expert in Islamic and African history and current affairs and a former African diplomat, and many many other protagonists of the Libyan resistance.

Nato War on Libya is the only English-language documentary that thoroughly explores the reasons why Nato made the decision to initiate its war of destruction against Libya that has directly led to such societal collapse in Libya and destabilisation throughout Africa and beyond. 

Nato War on Libya is also a story of an African people uniting to resist Nato and its proxies, of a people defending a societal project that delivered the highest living standards in Africa while supporting anti-imperialism across the continent and beyond for 41 years.