Pro Bio Brew Compost Tea
Brews 24 litres/ 5 gallons
Probiotics For Plants
Beneficial Bacteria Help Plants Access More Nutrition

Perfect for vegetables, ornamental plants, lawns, shrubs, trees and more.
Ideal for inoculating new beds or growing areas too.

Formulated to create 24 litres of high quality AACT the easy way
Shipped with comprehensive instructions.
Actively Aerated Compost Tea - Air pump required
(Air pumps are cheaply available from all good pet/ aquarium suppliers)

Pro Bio Brew is made from only the best ingredients, putting nature to work for you.
The microbes in your garden are hard at work 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Expand the microbial diversity and invigorate your soil food web.
Inoculate your plants to better protect themselves against pathogens and invasive moulds.
Support your plant's natural biome, creating a literal army of allies.

Special introductory price of only £9.99 
(RRP £12.99)

Pro Bio Brew includes of 800 grams of premium ingredients:
Large high quality re-usable cotton drawstring bag 
(25cm x 30cm)
Nettle Leaf
Volcanic Rock Dust
Worm Castings
Soya Meal
Nutritional Yeast
Natural Unrefined Cane Sugar 
Humic Acids
Amino Acids
Multiple species of: 
Arbuscular Endo Mycorrhizae Funghi
Trichoderma Funghi
Bacillus and Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria
Multiple Enzymes

Shipped with comprehensive instructions.

Use the tea immediately after brewing, avoiding intense sunlight (UV.)
Distribute the tea sparingly using a watering can or a pump sprayer making sure to choose a coarse spray pattern and not a fine mist which can actually damage the microbial life. Try to cover as much of the plant as possible.

Coverage will vary depending on your application style and the type of plants your are treating. Large foliage plants like beans will obviously require a greater volume of tea. The Pro Bio Brew Compost Tea bag will make up to 24 litres of tea for normal regular use which is more than enough to cover every inch of a large domestic garden or vegetable plot. 

Treatment intervals will vary depending on how depleted your soil food web is. If your plot has been suffering under chemical fertilisers and pesticides then intensive treatment is recommended, up to once a week. Under normal circumstances application every three to four weeks is adequate. 

In it's supplied for dry Pro Bio Brew can be stored for up to six months in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. After this period it will still work but it's effectiveness may be reduced. Once Pro Bio Brew is brewed it is a fresh product and should be used immediately.

Further Information:
Microbial life seeks out minerals and nutrients that are otherwise inaccessible to plants. The microbes "digest" them making them bio available. Microbes inhabit the rhizosphere (root zone) and actively transport these nutrients to the host plant creating a symbiotic relationship. This means that the food produced from these plants will be more nutritious. They will contain more trace minerals than are found in commercially farmed plants grown in soil depleted of it's food web through the use of salt based fertilisers.

Microbes also inhabit the phyllosphere (leaf surfaces.) Here they feed from exudates the plant creates in order to harbour pro-biotic partners to help compete against and defend from invasive mould spores and other pathogens. This is one of compost teas largest advantages over traditional mulch and compost which don't make contact with the phyllosphere (leaf surfaces.)
Recommended reading: 
"Teaming With Microbes, The Organic Gardeners Guide To The Soil Food Web."

Secret Tip:
If you bottle 500ml of brewed tea and store it in the fridge it can last for over a week and may be revitalised again, diluted back up to a couple litres with some added sugar and aerated in a warm place you could breed more beneficial microbes! It's not guaranteed, but can you make it happen? How long can you keep your colony alive for? Will you share it with your friends?