Rare Kung Fu / Martial Arts Job Lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Featuring Jackie Chan / Sammo Hung / Yuen Biao / Maggie Cheung / Jet Li title available on VHS
In total there are 38 titles
This is a classic collection of movies - not to be missed!!!
*** = Mega Rare, ** = Very Rare, * = Rare

Jackie Chan titles:
Wheels on Meals ***
Project A / Project A 2 **
Dragon Lord **
Police Story 2 / 3
Hand of Death
City Hunter **
Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin
Shaolin Wooden Men
Dragon Fist
Crime Story *
Drunken Master **
Young Master **
Rumble in the Bronx
Operation Condor
Fearless Hyena

Fist of Legend (Jet Li) **
Martial Arts of Shaolin (Jet Li) *
Dr Wai (Jet Li)
Shaolin Temple (Jet Li) *
Shanghai Express (Sammo Hung) *
Warriors Two (Sammo Hung) **
New Dragon Gate Inn
One Armed Boxer (Jimmy Wang Yu) *
Last Hurrah for Chivalry (John Woo)
Mad Monkey Kung Fu (Shaw Brothers) ***
Rapid Fire (Brandon Lee)
Magnificent Warriors (Michelle Yeoh)
Shaolin Drunken Monk (Gordon Liu) *
Fury of Master Killah (Gordon Liu) *
Shaolin & Wu Tang (Gordon Liu) *
Knockabout (Yuen Biao) **
Snake Deadly Act (Wilson Tong)
Mystery of Chess Boxing (Jack Long) *
Chinese Boxer (Jimmy Wang Yu) *
Boxer from Shantung (Chen Kwan Tai) **

Good luck bidding!!!