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This Impressive Still Life Painting Will
Elevate the Status,
and  Show the Good
 Taste of Whoever Owns it.

The artist  JOZSEF MOLNAR, has signed the painting Molnar J. in red in the lower right  hand corner. The painting depicts an ornate wine jug together with a similar  tall glass drinking flute with a gilded stem and a tazza containing various  fruits. These items are displayed on a table and draped with a rich green  cloth to the right and subtly decorated with vine leaves.

Jozsef Molnar  was born in Hungary in 1939. He studied at the Jozsef Attila School as well  as receiving tuition from the artists Karoli Szegvary and Peter Kloton, both  of whom would only work with the most talented pupils. His work has been  seen in many countries since 1968 and is in the manner of the Dutch Baroque  painters.

To achieve such  a high degree of emotional reaction is the domain of a master of his art.  JOZSEF MOLNAR has reached such a level of expertise in painting this  fabulous still life oil painting. On a selection of very fine objects, the  artist has captured the golden yellow light of sunset from the Goddess of  Day as she vacates her golden throne.,

The ability of  the artist to create the additional image of a setting sun in all its glory  in our minds as we observe the painting is the mark of a master. The quality  of the painter's graphic skills, are only matched by his brilliant powers of  composition which have the breathtaking power to make a spectator gasp with  wonder.

Make no mistake, the joy you will feel when you unpack
this agreeable,  inspiring image, and the happiness and inspiration it gives to those who are near it,
will be worth  a lot more than the asking price.

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While a visitor  or guest will be impressed with its owner's appreciation of quality and  taste, their pleasure will be as nothing to that of the owner who will enjoy  it, and feel a warm glow, every time they look at it. (Make sure it is  positioned in a place where it will come to notice to everybody who enters  your home or office.)

This is a  painting that will not only bring an aura of quality to any place it is  displayed, it will also be loved and cherished forever by an artistic owner  who could easily see it as a companion to live with.

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The painting is  soundly framed in an ornate 8cm (3½ inch) swept gilt frame  and is ready to  hang.

Image size: 59cm x 49cm (23¼ inch x 19½ inch)

Frame size: 74cm  x 64cm (29 inch x 25 inch)

Medium: Oils on  canvas.

It is very rare to see such a fine,  undamaged and original
 painting, and there may not be a similar one
on the market for years…

This Painting  is an Original, and Like all
Originals, it is the Only One in the World...
And, It Will Always be The Only One.
Don't Miss It!

So, don't miss the opportunity to posses this classy and elevating  work, or to see the joy on the faces, when you give it as a gift to your favourite person or people. 

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