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 The Perfect Desk Piece for a Dynamic, Go-Getting Businessman.


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This Sculpture is About ACTION, And a Talented Artist's Ability to Capture Just One Moment that Stimulates the Observer  into Visualizing the Whole Drama.

This is a sculpture in bronze with rich brown  patination showing a fox catching a cockerel. The piece is in the iconic style  of Edouard Drout (1859-1945).

Drouot exhibited at the: "Salon des Independants", from 1889 and continued to  exhibit into the twentieth century. Works such as “L’Eveil du Printemps” of 1906  and “Andromache” of 1912 were both shown there. Drouot worked in bronze,  producing action "Animalier" works, one of the finest of these was the "Renard  et le Coq" of 1898 (Fox and the Cockerel).

Edouard Drouot was born in Sommevoire, France, in the Haut Marne region in 1859.  Early in his career Drouot, in addition to his sculpture, was a successful  painter, he exhibited at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1900 where he  received an honourable mention.

Drouot studied in Paris under the renowned and successful Emile Thomas 1817-82,  a sculptor who received numerous state commissions and produced portraits,  monuments, allegorical and mythological works in marble and bronze. Drouot also  studied under Mathurin Moreau (1822-1912), one of the renowned family of  sculptors in bronze and marble.

Both Thomas and Moreau would only work with the most talented pupils, as Drouot  was to equal both these masters during his career shows what excellent judgement  they both had.

Drouot himself was highly successful and widely collected. He produced portrait  busts, figurative works and both allegorical and mythological subjects. These  are distinguished by a sense of movement, particularly evident in allegorical  works such as “Printemps”, his Salon exhibit of 1897 or “L’Echo” with its  swirling drapery, seen also in his allegory of Dusk.

Drouot died in Paris in 1945.

The proportions of this piece are perfect.

Height: 30 cm (12 inches)

Length: 64 cm (25 inches)

Depth:  18 cm  (7 inches)

Weight: 12 kg (24 lbs.)

Dynamic Representation of  Wild Life Reality.

It is Very Rare to  See Such a Fine, Undamaged
and OriginalPiece, and there May Not be a
Similar One on the Market for Years…

Be safe, scroll up and make a bid, NOW.
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 Be safe, scroll up and make a bid NOW.
Before somebody else does!