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1. We listen to your requirements.

2. We work on sketches & design concepts.

3. We deliver your final logo by email.


• A successful logo represents everything you do in business, and a well designed logo lasts a lifetime.  

• A professional logo is the face of your company, product or service. It is what you are recognised by.

• We were established in 1999. Many years of design experience.

What info should you give us to work on your logo?

• The name of your business, product, service or brand (useful, but if you don't have a name we can help there too).

• Any preferred colours or ideas you may have (optional).

• Any favourite logos you like as inspiration (optional).

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We pride ourselves on great & experienced design work, any questions please do ask.

Logo Design is 100% Moneyback Guaranteed via PayPal.

We donate 10% of EVERY order to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).