Do you like minute-long combat rounds?  Do you know what game-inches are?  Do you think the biggest problem with 5th edition is 6th edition?  If so, we have the old-school role-playing expansion for you!

Introducing Exhumed Obscura, a new expansion for tabletop role-playing games with material developed over decades as in-house rules now brought to you in this finely crafted and concise format to augment and enhance your game.  Features include 9 new races, 12 new classes, 4 new stats, critical hits charts, a mass combat system, numerous spells, weapons and magic items.  154 pages of exciting new ideas for your campaign lie within.

Below is just a brief sampling of what awaits players and gamemasters alike as they discover new depths to their game world:


Anti-Paladin:  Taking the quick road to power, the Anti-Paladin serves dark masters and can wreak havoc in ways no other class can...for a price.

Blood Guard: Relying on keen senses and uncanny reflexes, the Blood Guard are the ultimate bodyguards and overall defenders of life.

Dark Druid: Harnessing the darker side of nature, the Dark Druid seeks to gain dominion over the lands, not work harmoniously with them.

Fighter Mage:  Mastering both magic and the blade, the Fighter Mage is a force to be reckoned with, both in melee and in a contest of sorcery.

The Hand: Secret enforcers working to maintain order in the realm, a Hand is a deadly fighter who uses stealth to their highest advantage.

Knights of the Brotherhood of Elemental Orders: Using planar magics and strict discipline, a Knight of the Elemental Orders ascends through their college of elemental power and becomes a fearless warrior.

Necromancer: Although the work of the Necromancer is loathsome to many, they are the premiere conjurer, manufacturer, and destroyer of undead.

Orator: Utilizing the little-known science of Harmonics, the Orator gains mastery over material and spirit alike.

Pit Fighter: Raised in the cruel and unforgiving arena, the Pit Fighter is the ultimate hand-to-hand combatant.

Savage: Dwelling in the wilds, the Savage is known throughout  the realms for their brutal fighting technique, magic-resistance, and masterful survival skills.

Spirit Hunter: Using their deep connection to nature and the land, the Spirit Hunter is the dedicated protector of the wild forests they call home.

Targeteer: Using a crossbow with a fantastic precision, the Targeteer can place a bolt with deadly accuracy at unthinkable ranges.


Bahkaruh: Huge, fierce nomads, The Bahakaruh roam the plains seeking glory in adventure and combat.

Ghoule: Released from the yoke of the Necromancer who once controlled them, the Ghoule are driven by their craving for flesh.

Half-Ogre: A massive human-ogre half breed, the Half-Ogre is welcomed amongst the ranks of soldiers and mercenaries but shunned by polite society.

Harood: Stout, desert-dwelling, lizard-like humanoids, The Harood are found equally in adventure parties or wandering alone.

Jorakeen: Found in temperate and winter climes, the doughty Jorakeen make excellent scouts and rangers.

Mavakin: Rumored to be a cursed bloodline, the giant Mavakin are resistant to all forms of magic, good or bad.

Mendelinkorian: An ancient race, the Mendelinkorian are peerless in magic... as they are in secrecy.

Styger: Magic constructs appearing as  insect-like humanoids, The Styger are the prize of any army, renowned for teamwork in combat.

Tinelians: Clever, light-hearted and adventurous, the Tinelians sail the world looking to sate their endless curiosity.

On top of all that, dozens of new spells, even more magic items, and a great many new weapons and armor await to enrich your gaming experience. It’s almost as good as pizza!

Authored under the open gaming license and compatible with systems such as OSRIC™, and 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D™, Exhumed Obscura is an expansion ruleset  and not a stand alone system.

I do not accept returns as I feel I try and give concise and accurate descriptions, so please ask questions before you buy. Technical questions are always welcome.  Requests for discounts will be ignored. If a return is forced upon me, the buyer must pay all shipping costs including my costs and there will be a 20% re-stocking fee.