This is my tear drop caravan( the slug ) that i have had for 3 years and had many of good holidays in,

If you love camping you will love this ,

I made this to cater for my height i am 6,1ft and there is plenty of room for 2 people,

I have towed the slug many miles and tows great,

Open for viewings

Any Questions please ask


~~~~~~~~ the floor is around 8 foot long buy 4 foot wide, but thats not including the frount curve~~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i dont know the weight, but will try and get it to a weigh bridge,~~~~~~~~~~~~~


 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~any help it weighs about the same as a jet ski~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i will try and get some more pics up of the inside this week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~ a the slug can be made to any spec of your choice if this one isnt to your fancy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

thank you!!


happy bidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!