1 x 38mm High Quality NEMA 17 Stepper Motor
38mm, 1.2A, 4.32kg.cm(60oz.in), 5mm Shaft with Ground Flat


Stepper Selection Notes
In general when selecting a suitable stepper motor you want the highest rated torque for the LOWEST rated current that will get the job done. Yes, when comparing stepper motors, lower rated current for around the same or more torque is actually better!!!

In the more specific case where the motor will be driven by an A498x based driver(Most 3D Printer driver boards) there is another factor to keep in mind; The absolute max continuous output current of the driver is ~1.8A (with considerable active fan cooling). Any more current than this and in our experience the A498x driver chips will start shutting down after only a few minutes. You will most likely experience this as skipped steps, which equate to "layer shifts" in 3D Prints.

If you do end up with a motor with say 2A or greater rated current, you will be forced to run the motor way under this rated current and therefore you will not see anywhere near the rated torque! It would be much better to find a motor that could deliver around the same torque or more with a rated current of 1.8A or less for only then will you achieve the specified rated torque figures.

The bottom line is rated torque is achieved at rated current. If you are unable to deliver the rated current, then you will not see the rated torque. So before hitting buy on those "bargain" high torque motors, be sure to check the rated current.

As we have
extensively tested our 38mm motors on A498X drivers; you can buy with confidence that our motors will deliver or we take them back.

Feel free to contact us about your specific motor requirements.

In this listing we are offering one(1x) custom Nema17 stepper motor with over 4kg.cm of holding torque, 1.2A rated current, a profile of 38mm and weighing in at just over 250g. This quite, smooth running motor is perfect for light/medium duty CNC use and more specifically as a general purpose 3D printing motor.

Custom built to LearCNC specifications each motor comes with a much requested detachable lead connection. The supplied
lead is ~700mm in length and pre-terminated with gold plated connectors. In addition to the pre-terminated connection leads we will also supply a set of DUPONT connectors if you wish to just cut the connectors off and make custom cables.

All of our stepper motors have a precision ground flat on the shaft to prevent pulley slippage.

LearCNC tests all products before sale and we are very happy with the performance of the 38mm motor for all axis linear motion and the more punishing application of extruder use. That said if you really want to push the boundaries of controlled print speed then we would suggest considering our larger 48mm Series Stepper Motor for at least x and y carriage motion for Cartesian bots(Prusa etc) or all motion motors in a Delta style printer (Rostock etc).

We have plenty of these motors in stock for immediate dispatch from our Australian warehouse.

These motors have been extensively run with both RAMPS and RAMBO controllers during our in-house testing and we can confirm they are matched well to these boards.

In addition to the ~700mm pre-terminated cable, each stepper motor won on this auction listing will be supplied with our high quality 4 Pin connector kit, making it a snap to connect these motors directly to your controller boards 2.54mm pin headers(RAMPS, RAMBO etc.)

Step Angle: 1.8
Motor Length: 38mm
Rated Current: 1.2A
Phase Resistance: 1.7Ohm
Phase inductance: 4.5mH
Holding Torque: 43.2N.cm
Flying Lead Count: 4
Flying lead length: ~700mm

Step angle accuracy: ±5%(full step,not load)
Resistance accuracy: ±10%
Inductance accuracy: ±20%
Temperature rise: 80c Max(rated current,2 phase on)
Ambient temperature: 20c~+50c
Insulation resistance: 100M  Min,500VDC
Insulation Strength: 500VAC for one minute

Red: A+
Grey: A-
Yellow: B+
Green: B-

Happy Bidding :)