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What is a Laundry Ozone Machine?

It's a detergent-less laundry system.  

The ozone machine is plumbed into the cold water pipe that fills your washing machine.  When you turn on your washing machine, the water is forced through a venturi (meaning it is squeezed through a very narrow jet) where pure ozone is injected into the water.

It only uses cold water, so you won't need hot water for washing any more  ...no, not even for those white bed sheets!  And it works with top loading and front-loading washing machines.  

But what is Ozone?

Ozone is pure oxygen.  Whereas oxygen atoms normally like to hang around in pairs, if you split those atoms up, they become ozone; they become free agents and they aren't too happy about being alone!  Their primary goal in life is to find something else to grab onto and what they find in the wash tub are atoms of substance we call dirt and stains.  Those atoms that miss out on the game of musical stains and are still alone when the washing machine stops, make their way to the surface where they find another lone atom to befriend and then they become oxygen. 

Ozone actually likes cold water.  Ozone is more readily dissolved in cold water and stays around longer.  The warmer the water, the less ozone can be dissolved and faster it dissipates. 

That's it.  

No pollution swirling down the drain to pollute the rivers and oceans, just more oxygen in the air.

No toxic chemical residue left in the clothing to cause irritations and allergies or to be silently absorbed into the skin causing untold and unknown damage to your health.  It only needs a little moisture or perspiration to be re-activated!

Ozone is a powerful antimicrobial, in fact, one of the most powerful antimicrobial agents on this planet.  Ozone kills all germs and odors, removes dirt and stains and leaves laundry amazingly clean and smelling really fresh.  

Ozone saves you money, saves the environment and protects the health of you and your family.  

What's the Colloidal Silver Feature?

You may be more familiar with Colloidal Silver than with ozone.  Colloidal Silver is ionic (teensy weensy) particles of silver dissolved and held in suspension in water.  Like ozone, silver is also an extremely effective antibacterial.  The difference being that ozone dissipates into the atmosphere, whereas silver is a metal and will hang around in the clothing and being laundered.  This essentially creates a long lasting deodorant embedded in the clothes.  You might appreciate this feature if little Johnny's sports socks run and hide under the bed or take up residence in the sports bag!   The silver ions add up to 30 days of antibacterial (odor) protection.

The G3 laundry ozone machine contains a replaceable silver probe.  A warning light illuminates when the probe needs replacing, but this won't be for at least 1500 hours of use.

Variable Output

The G3 Laundry Ozone Machine has a number of useful features, including: 

Touch-button control of ozone output (useful if you wash delicate items like hand-died silk).  Ozonated water can bleach some colours.

Auto-shutoff with alarm - if a water leak occurs in the system, the machine will shut off and alert you.

Automatic humidity control - the ozone generator requires a perfectly dry atmosphere.  If the humidity rises a small fan will run for 2 hours at a time to keep the generator in perfect operating condition.

Key Points:


·         Safe for all the family

·         Effective at cleaning

·         No need for detergent*

·         Antimicrobial properties means less odor

·         Acts 3000 times faster than chlorine bleach

·         Natural …it really is completely natural

·         Easily produced on demand

·         Considerable cost savings in the home

·         Kind on the environment

·         Kind on the human body

·         Used in industrial laundries for decades

                   SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS

·         Save on Hot Water - Ozone only works in cold water, thus eliminating the need to heat water;

·         Save on Washing Machine Repairs & Replacement - frequent heating and cooling causes wear and tear on the washing machine, requiring more frequent repairs or replacement

·         Save on Detergent - Elimination or drastic reduction in the expense of detergents

·         Save on Clothing - Hotels report a 20 to 30% longer lifespan for linen when using ozone



Smells great - no artificial scent is added to the laundry and yet it comes out smelling really fresh and the laundry room smells great too.   

Silver ions remain in clothing to provide long lasting antibacterial/odor protection                 

Zero pollution – the environmental impact of ozonated laundry water is absolutely nil and can run directly into the sewer, septic field or even the garden**                 

Improved Health – completely non-allergenic and safe for babies and people with sensitive skin.  The only by-product of washing in ozone is an increase in health-giving oxygen in your home.                

Easy to install.  Includes one cold water washer hose, one 12v power adaptor, 3 screws and wall plugs a screwdriver and owner’s manual.                     


*Some stains may need to be pre-soaked or spot-cleaned using detergent or other cleaning agent.

**It takes 2 or 3 washes for laundry to be completely cleansed of the detergent that has previously been used.