Premium Domain Name
Mr Indiana Jones .com

You will need to transfer this domain name to your own registrar, such as GoDaddy or another service.  There may be a nominal transfer fee from the service provider that you choose.  There are some that will allow you to transfer for free and some that may cost you a years domain name purchase about $10.00

After purchase I will contact you to start the transfer process.  You will need to have an account at a service that hosts domains and then initiate a transfer of this domain.  We will provide you with any required transfer pins your service may require.

Once the domain name is transferred it can not be transferred again or sold for 60 days due to ICANN policies.  Therefore once the domain name is transferred to you, it can not be returned.

You may receive a package in the mail with a confirmation letter of the intent to transfer this domain to the name of the person listed on the account at the time of sale and purchase.  This package will serve as your item received tracking information.  However, the actual transfer of the domain name to your account will depend on the service you choose to transfer to and your responsibility in initiating the transfer.  We will provide you the information you will need from our side for any transfer issues with in 24hours of requests.  We will also offer you a phone contact information for any other questions or issues.

Questions? Please ask! We respond to all communication promptly!