This is an EBay profile for the new CD from Chris & Pui 'Animals Everywhere’ with Furry Tales & Bird Songs for children aged 1 - 101. We are selling the album on behalf of Chris & Pui. It features songs, rhymes & stories about animals of every kind and everywhere!   Following on from the success of ‘Happy Times’, this is a highly produced music and spoken word album for pre-schoolers and their families.    There are 32 tracks featuring Chris Jarvis and Pui Fan Lee along with guest vocalist Sarah Day, saxophonist and trumpet player Graeme Budd and flautist Tim Cooper.   The total running time is over an hour. Chris & Pui star in ‘Show Me Show Me’ and ‘Stargazing’ on the popular channel ‘CBeebies’. These CDs are sold after their shows at some theatres - but not all! Here then is your chance to definitely get a copy.