This kit is to help you build a Linear Bearing Prusa 3D Printer, The Linear Bearing Prusa is far superior to any other version of the Prusa out there, it will give you better prints and easier assembly compared to Printed Bushing Prusa's and Oilite Bushing Prusa's.  This is because the Linear Bearings have virtually no resistance so everything slides like butter!

This kit requires M8 Threaded & Smooth rods, so if you live outside of the USA or you want to use M8 Rods Buy this Kit!
If you would like to use 5/16" Threaded & Smooth rods instead buy my SAE Kit here:

This kit includes the Following:

1. Complete Printed Linear Prusa Parts, Printed in ABS Plastic
2. Complete Hardware Set (Includes all the Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Belts, Springs, Bearings, Linear Bearings and Acrylic Sheets
3. Complete Wades Extruder Printed Parts, Printed in ABS Plastic
4. Complete Wades Extruder Hardware Set (Includes all the Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Springs, and Bearings) Hobbed bolt still needs to be Hobbed

The only remaining items you will need are the following:
1. Electronics - (Ramps Electronics ($200), 5 Stepper Motors ($20) each & Hot End ($75) - Purchase at
2. Power Supply (PC Power Supply works great)
3. Threaded & Smooth Rods (local hardware store $30)

              Don't worry, my kit contains a Parts list that will tell you where to buy these items, their part numbers and their price!
                 Plus I will include a build guide to walk you through the whole build process.

Unlike other kits out there you can e-mail me with any questions you have and I will do my best to answer them, I'm here to help!
All Printed Parts come with a 30 Day Warranty! Free of Charge!

Please e-mail me with any questions directly at elderfarrer at

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