RCS Programming is a brand that I created many years ago to compete with several multi-million dollar companies. The ideas and products are sound, and I could actually go into an analysis of why things haven't taken off yet, but let's just say I was lost in the shuffle, and it has an extraordinary amount of potential that needs to be taken advantage of. It would be such a tremendous waste to open-source! This is a brand, and a recognizable brand by many people in several key industries, but possibly more infamous than famous for various reasons.

Let's begin with the Logos. They are trademarked, and they have been distributed for over ten years in connection with the company name, as well as associated hardware and software. This has value as well as powerful brand recognition that can be exploited even more. The logo, as well as the name for the XSYS Controller, is probably the easiest to recognize, and it may already seem familiar to you. This logo has been around for a long time, building momentum.

The XSYS controller was an “Internet of Things” (IoT) product before anyone even used that phrase, and the Run Time Editor has been holding its own in the exploding area of IoT software for years, and probably influencing many of the products we see emerging today. The advantage of the years of fine tuning, coupled with the solid foundation of engineering experience and field testing, make these products viable in future markets as well.

Why am I selling? I have to be upfront about this...I don't have much time as I have terminal cancer. I would love to continue in my current role, doing exactly what I am passionate about doing, but there is a decision that has to be made without delay: either sell the business, or leave it to a relative or friend. I initially was only going to leave the IP to a family member, but I started thinking that someone else may actually be more enthusiastic about it, and may actually have the venture capitalist backing (and other resources) to bring this product to where it can be.

Why isn't this product as visible or as successful as it can be? Again, health issues have plagued me for many years, and the lack of a partner (or any help for that matter) has made it very difficult indeed. I also went back to school for a post graduate degree in business and technology to concretize my understanding for more of a CEO position when the time came; but alas, that time will not be coming for me...but may be for you! I would stay on as adviser for as long as I can, while you and your team make the necessary adjustments.

My hope is that someone with great vision can see this for not only what it was, but what it is, and what it can be. There are core ideas that you will find in all of the IP; even great ideas. And, those ideas may be exactly what you've been searching for!

You get all logos, trademarks, rights, intellectual property, all editable files, code, XSYS hardware, authorization codes to compilers, specialized compilers, hardware, passwords, email accounts, domain names:




The codebase is Java, and the project was developed in Netbeans IDE. The earlier versions of the RTE were written with a specialized compiler for MacOS, Linux, Unix, embedded, and Windows. All project files and compilers are included. The embedded code for the XSYS Controller was written in Dynamic C using a specialized compiler, which is also included. The pre-compiler for Java called JET is included, including all licenses and authorizations.

In other words, this is a sale of the entire business and all intellectual properties and rights, including all related hardware and software. This is not just a sale of the website or pretty graphics...it's everything!