Welcome to our range of Organic Seaweed based flavour enhancers made with 100% natural ingredients.

Our original Organic Seaweed is a flavour enhancer in its own right, simply add during cooking to bring out the full flavour of your dishes.

For those that love the taste bite of sea salt we recently added a range of finest hand harvested sea salt blended with our Organic Seaweed.

Original Seasalt & Seaweed is a combination of two classic ocean flavours adding an incredible balance and depth of flavour to your dishes or why not enjoy it with the added savoury twist of garlic or the wonderful flavour and warmth of chillies.

Pinch it straight out of the pot or use your Seasalt & Seaweed in a ceramic grinder.

Please feel free to mix and match your order, I'll adjust the postage as though it was one sale assuming of course they're going to the same address.