The ShopaMarket Business Plan


Why is a start up showing its business plan to the public?

My wife thinks that I am crazy, she has saved and scrapped for all this time and at the last moment I have decided to blow it. My friends think it is ridiculous that I am showing the ShopaMarket business plan to the public including potential competitors. Prospective investors think that showing my business plan to you is the worst idea they have ever heard.

Honestly I am starting to doubt my self, but what keeps me going is the fact that we have all been told by friends, colleagues, family members, and our bosses etc. Do not do that, do not do this …blah…blah. I want to be a living example to you that “if you believe in something go a head and do it”. After all, anything that does not kill you makes you stronger. In most cases you will have the last laugh, because you knew exactly what you where trying to do, even if it seemed strange to other people. Go on do it.

First before I go into details about the ShopaMarket business plan, here is a brief about ShopaMarket.

What is ShopaMarket?

Shopamarket.com is a website that allows retailers to inform shoppers about weekend retail sales offers. Think of ShopaMarket as a weekend retail sales offer site.

The reason why ShopaMarket offers weekend retail sales is simply because most people have more time to shop over the weekend and not during the week.

ShopaMarket.com was founded by Samuel Katabaazi who developed the website in his spare time while he was working as a security guard. Before becoming a security guard, Samuel had launched a virtual tour company called (iview virtual tours), which provided virtual tours for real estate, hotels etc. The company failed, simply because even if the technology was sophisticated, there was no market big enough to sustain the business. The lesson learned here was that it is the market that wins and not the product. Always find a market first and then tailor a product for that market. With those lessons in mind, Samuel stumbled upon an open source content management system called Drupal, which took him two years to learn. Samuel built www.shopamarket.com single handily with out any outside investment, the only investment he had, was £123 from his family expenses budget. Samuel and his family still own 100% of ShopaMarket. In the business plan Samuel highlights a few lessons he has learned and may be you will not do the same mistakes.

What problem is ShopaMarket solving?

Shopamarket is not exactly solving a problem. ShopaMarket is simply serving a need.

Ok, what need is ShopaMarket serving?

If you visited any retail shop on any day at any time, you will find that most retailers always have a sales offer of some sort, the problem is that these sales offers can only be seen by customers who are already in the retail shop. Generally speaking, retailers are preaching to the already converted.

In a perfect world, retailers should be able to broadcast their promotional campaigns to millions of prospective shoppers. Shopamarket is providing retailers and advertisers the medium to reach millions of shoppers who are most likely to go shopping over the weekend.

What is in the ShopaMarket business plan?

The ShopaMarket business plan simply tells you why ShopaMarket.com exists and the thinking behind it. We all aspire to know what the founders of eBay, Google, Facebook, the Great Wall of China and the Egyptian Pyramids, where thinking and why they created these things. Reading the ShopaMarket business plan will give you a first hand insight about ShopaMarket. I agree that ShopaMarket is nothing great and before you read this, ShopaMarket did not exist in your mind, but it is true to say that all big things start small or in obscurity. The first person who heard about the idea behind eBay or Google, must have thought, I want to be part of that. Most of us do not get chances like this one. Reading the ShopaMarket business plan gives you a chance to be a participant in something that might be special one day.

In the ShopaMarket business plan you will not find terms like P.E ratios, R.I.O, Balance sheet gearing, Inter-segment revenues, price to cash flow analysis or Marketing lever analysis. The ShopaMarket business plan is not an accounting or financial text book, neither is it an investment proposal. The ShopaMarket business plan simply gives you an insight about ShopaMarket. At the end of reading the ShopaMarket business plan you will either feel good about your self that you contributed to ShopaMarket’s success, learned something or proud that you where among the people who read the ShopaMarket business plan and not just hear about it from other people.

In the ShopaMarket business plan you will find the following:

  • In the ShopaMarket business plan, you will find out how ShopaMarket intends to make competition irrelevant. Simply said, how is ShopaMarket going to make sure that new competition does not affect market share, profits, user behaviour etc. ShopaMarket is using competitive strategies like Market Saturation, Relationship Retention, and Market Diversification etc. These are ambiguous words but the logic behind them is simple. In the ShopaMarket business plan, I explain how these competitive strategies will make new competition irrelevant to ShopaMarket’s core profits and market share.
  • ShopaMarket plans to use an ancient marketing tool that will allow ShopaMarket to attract more than 5 million users to the web site with in a few hours of an advert or sales offer being listed on shopamarket.com. This marketing tool has been used in cereal boxes, news papers, soft drinks, magazines etc. In the ShopaMarket business plan, I will describe exactly how ShopaMarket intends to capitalise on this marketing tool to attract more than 5 million shoppers within a few hours of an advert or sales offer being listed. This tool can be used by any business that wants to attract more users or customers.
  • ShopaMarket is keen on getting Lady Gaga to become ShopaMarket’s Chief Insight executive officer (C.I.E.O). Lady Gaga as you know, she is very innovative, creative and a marketing visionary. Yes, we are interested in hiring lady Gaga the one who sang “porker face”. We believe her innovative insights will allow ShopaMarket to be at the cutting edge of the market. Why not just hire an insight manager with an MBA? Just in case you are wondering. The simple answer is that no one has as much experience as Lady Gaga. In the business plan I will explain why lady Gaga’s innovative insights would be crucial to the growth of ShopaMarket in terms of market insight. Emails have been sent to her management company, Coalition Media Group and we are waiting for a response.
  • Every one is talking about how big the markets in China and India are enormous. But here at ShopaMarket we think the markets in china and India are too small to justify launching there. We strongly believe that, the markets in Norway are bigger than the markets in china and India. In the business plan we explain our global strategy and why we think Norway is a bigger market compared to China and India in terms of GDP at Purchasing power parity per capita.
  • Exit strategy: Shopamarket does not have an exit strategy at the moment but, if the opportunity comes and an exit is attractive, there is no doubt that we will consider to exit. In the business plan I spell out an exit strategy that would kick us into gear to consider an exit. We also state which companies we will never allow to acquire ShopaMarket irrespective of their offer.
  • Shopamarket is setting its aims and objectives very high. Shopamarket aims to make more annual gross profit compared to Twitter and Facebook combined. When I told my finance manager, about our objective of making more annual gross profit compared to Twitter and Facebook with in the first year of launch, the first thing she asked me, was if I knew exactly what I was talking about, but when I explained exactly how ShopaMarket will be able to make more annual gross profits compared to Twitter and Facebook combined, the response I got from her was, “This is not rocket science, any start up with a good strategy can do it”. I accepted her apology after that ah-ha moment. ShopaMarket has the right strategy to beat these two giants combined in terms of annual gross profit. Shopamarket aims to achieve this fit with in the first year of launch. Is it really possible? Remember the story of David and Goliath? Here at ShopaMarket we are aware that it is not about power and size, but that strategy always wins. I will try to justify our strategy in the ShopaMarket business plan.
  • In the business plan I will share a few lessons I have learned while I have been dipping my foot in the business world. Lessons learned will be: why it is important to think of the market first and then tailor a product to that market, why being different gives you visibility, why start-ups should use open source software compared to in house software, why value innovation is better than technology innovation, why being an idea spotter is better than an idea creator. The world will always keep presenting ideas, and if you are good at spotting good ideas, you will always beat an idea creator. Selling the ShopaMarket business plan was not an idea I created it is a good idea I spotted.

This is not a complete list, find more in  the ShopaMarket plan.

Ok, why should you get your self a copy of the ShopaMarket business plan, and why should you care?

The Simple answer is you shouldn’t.    Unless you think there is something you might learn or you are just curious. It is not very common that normal folks like you and me read business plans of up and coming start ups. This privilege is reserved for investors and not all of us are investors. Here is the chance.

I do not know how you feel, but I dream of a day when I can put my name to something. Have you heard about The social Network movie? How nice would it have been if your name was part of the story?

Imagine seeing some unknown kid training for the Olympics, you take some time out to advice and also buy training gear for this kid, because you think this kid is got potential. How would you feel when this kid goes and wins the Olympics? Personally I would be proud of my self and I would feel like I put my mark on something. Shopamarket is unknown at the moment but might grow into something special. I think you are buying more than just a business plan. We all say to our selves, I wish I was the creator of eBay, the investor in Google, an employee of Facebook.

It is not too late. Here is a chance for you to put your name on something and be part of the ShopaMarket story. My hope is that reading the ShopaMarket business plan will inspire you to think differently in all your endeavours.

***Good Luck ***


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