The wire locator works for locating working or non-working valves. If your valve does not work or you are trying to locate a wire break then use this Valve and Wire Locator.

The wire locator transmits a radio signal through the wire and the receiver traces the radio signal.
This bundle includes both the Chat-R-Box and the Wire and Valve Locator.
Tired of digging numerous holes in your yard and still can't find the valve?
You don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a 'pro' just to locate a valve?
Do you need to create a map for all your valve locations?
Watch this 90 second video with sound.
Quickly and easily locates hidden valves using a simple 2 wire connection.

When activated the valve will chatter. No special tools nor batteries required.

The Chat-R-Box is designed for locating working valves only.
For locating non-working or difficult to locate valves, regardless of brand.
My name is Kip.
I make the Chat-R-Box and I stand behind all the products I sell.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!