Lawn irrigation valve locator
Lawn irrigation valve locator
•Tired of digging numerous holes in your yard and still can't find the valve?
•You don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a 'pro' just to locate a valve?
•Do you need to create a map for all your valve locations?
•Watch this 90 second video with sound.

The Chat-R-Box quickly and easily locates hidden valves using a simple 2 wire connection. When activated the valve will chatter. No special tools needed nor batteries required.
My name is Kip.
I make the Chat-R-Box and I stand behind all the products I sell.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Clip to Stripped
Clip to Clip
Clip to
Clip to Stripped
for controllers with
screw terminals
for controllers with
clip strips or screw terminals.
*Not compatible with Hunter nor Toro valves. see below.
Bundle includes NF816 valve locator and Chat-R-Box.
Two styles to choose from.
Underground valve locator for Hunter, Toro or non working valves.
The Chat-R-Box is designed for locating working valves only. Watch the 90 second video with sound.
Demo Video with audio
Lawn irrigation valve locator
Lawn irrigation valve locator manual></div>
<div class=The NF816B wire locator works for locating working or non-working valves. If your valve does not work or
you are trying to locate a wire break then purchase the Wire Locator. The wire locator transmits a radio signal
through the wire and the receiver traces the radio signal to the valve.
The NF816B does the same job as more expensive valve locators that cost hundreds of dollars.
The NF816 comes complete with a Transmitter, a Receiver,
carry pouch, manual and batteries.