Originally published by Dr H. Zohrabian of the Mechitarist Congregation in 1805, Venice, known as "The Zohrab Bible" and used in BHS and NA27. The text is divided according to the ancient Armenian chapters. Hexaplaric signs and Eusebian canons are printed as well as a massive apparatus of textual variants from the ancient Armenian mss and early editions.

The famous scholar of this ancient Armenian Version, Dr Claude E. Cox wrote to the editor (Mr T. Aivazian): "You have rendered a great service to biblical and Armenian biblical scholarship with this beautiful piece of work. It will make Zohrapian's work more accessible because of the simplifications you have introduced (e.g., spelling out abbreviations), the very clear typeface, the accuracy with which you have worked, and the inexpensive price. Congratulations on a job well done. You have given Zohrapian a longer life. I cannot see a time when his work will not be useful, simply because his edition is a faithful reproduction of an actual manuscript. You have ensured that it will always be available."

This book was published as a result of collaboration between The Bible Society of Armenia and Bibles.org.uk. The page size is A4 and the binding is paperback.