Drying and storing washing up gloves is a constant problem: they feel damp when you put them back on and they get in the way around the sink. 

The Glove Poppit is the perfect solution, giving your gloves a home and keeping them dry. 

The latest Glove Poppit is out now - it comes with a wider base.

We invented the Glove Poppit in our own kitchen and now use several of them around our sink and around our house. 

The Glove Poppit is not just for kitchen gloves!  The Glove Poppit is perfect for any type or size of glove - gardening, walking, cycling, kids etc etc.

The Glove Poppit is also ideal for drying other things.  We use it to dry water bottles, plastic bags, jelly & jam making bags, icing bags - and swimming caps! 

Are your gardening gloves always wet and feel horrible when you put them back on.  A Glove Poppit in your shed is the perfect answer.

Flat packed in sturdy cardboard packing.

37cm high and 6cm wide in durable, wipe clean plastic.

HandyDryingRacks is the eBay shopfront for Character Lines Ltd, designers and makers of the Glove Poppit.