Dr Martens 1460z Unisex Classic Airwair 8 Eyelet Boots Black Mens/Womens/Ladies

  • Leather Upper
  • Z-Welt Airwair Sole
  • Approx: 1200g/Pair
  • Colours Available: Black And Cherry Red
  • Spare Set Of Yellow Laces Included FREE

Dr Martens 1460 Unisex Classic Airwair 8 Eye Boots Black

These smooth black leather classic design Dr Martens ankle boots are a legendary design by the British shoemaker. Ideal for work/casual wear

Upper: Leather
Lining: Leather/Textile
Sole: Z-Welt Air Cushion DMS

Doc Martens, Docs, DMs. Whatever you want to call them, the boots made by Dr. Martens have become an icon of British footwear.

Unique for their air-cushioned soles (also known as Bouncing Soles), upper shape, welted construction and yellow stitching, Dr Martens do the job when other shoes just don't stand up to the challenge. They are Perfect for those cold rainy days and a necessity to complete your winter fashion outfit.

Ironically, the real life Dr. Martens was a German. Klaus Märtens, a medic in the German army during World War II created his famous boots after realising that the standard issue army boots he was wearing were just too uncomfortable for his feet after he suffered a skiing accident. And so when the war ended in 1945, the first pair of Docs came into being, utilising soft leather and disused rubber from Luftwaffe airfields to fashion those unique air-padded soles.

Soon enough, the boots made their way to the British market, and they quickly made a stomping impact on UK footwear fashion.

The first style to hit the UK shoe market was the 1460, a classic design that is still a favourite for Dr Martens wearers today. Sturdy and comfortable with that iconic yellow stitching, Docs became the shoe of choice for working men and counter culture fashion icons alike. Postmen, police officers, industrial factory workers wore them, and still do. Punks and New Wave musicians wore them, and so too do the leaders of fashion today.

Dr Martens are the symbolic boots of British working history and cool culture. Our range of Dr Martens boots covers all the bases and they come at stomped down online deals, saving you up to 34% off the high street prices.

To make a bold impression, we have the original 1460 Unisex Classic Airwair 8 Eye Boots in the traditional cherry red leather as well as black and crazyhorse Aztec. But we also have a great range of stylish Doc Martens adaptations. The effortlessly cool 1461 Unisex Classic Airwair 3 Eyelet Uniform Shoes come in red, black and oily brown and the rock and roll style of the 2976 Classic Unisex Airwair Chelsea Boots come in gaucho brown, cherry red and black.

For winter fashion, Docs are a must have to complete that 'wrapped up warm look'. Our Dr Martens ROSA ST Ladies Warm Welted Safety Rigger Boots in teak have a white fur lining and would complete any powerful style while keeping your feet toasty and dry.

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