5.08mm Pitch 2Pin Plug-in Screw PCB Terminal Block Connector Right Angle


It is used in PCB for connecting power source or other wires.
90 degrees angle design, suitable for PCB space shortage or in need of using 90 degrees angle.
Good insulating property, never worried about getting an electric shock, safe and reliable.


1. Pitch: 5.08mm
2. Pin header: Brass Tin plated
3. Housing: PA66.UL94V-0
4. Poles: 2 Pin
5. Rated voltage: 300V 10A
6. Model: 2EDGKA
7. Rated current: IEC:15A; UL:10A
8. Withstanding voltage: AC2500V/Min
9. Temperature range: -40 degrees Celsius~105 degrees Celsius
10. MAX soldering: +250 degrees Celsius for 5 sec.

Package included:

1 x 2Pin Pluggable Terminal Block