V Groove Linear Guide Rails, these are hardcoat anodized (black) which is far superior to anodized. Greater hardness and wear resistance.
These Butt together seamlessly to form a longer track.

Attach it to a tube or board by drilling a 7/64 hole, drill in a #6 self tapping screw. 

Our hardcoat rails are made 3 ft to insure maximum hardness and durability. These rails have withstood thousands of passes with 220 lbs on them. Using 32 of our delrin wheels. Need help with your application? ask me i'll tell you my opinion on if and how my hardcoat rails and wheels will work for your app.

This auction is for (4) Three foot sections of hardcoat anodized (black) rails.

This item will not ship until up to (3) business days after your payment.

There are delrin wheels that are made to run on this track for $5 each. They are sold on inventables.com


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