Long story short.... our boys were born with low vision but that couldn't keep them off their bikes. We knew they would have a hard time seeing cars... so we wanted to help cars see them. We looked around for youth sized safety vests, and found none. So in 2005, we created our own. We designed these vests using the same materials and design for adults... but sized them for kids. You know the saying, children should be seen and not heard. We're making it happen! The shell is bright fluorescent nylon fabric with reflective striping. Hook and loop closures keep the front tight. Please check the sizing chart in the additional pictures. Questions, just ask!

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We have sold hundreds of flags and vests from ebay and our web site over the last  few years with awesome customer feedback. We are constantly trying to improve our products and the product you receive may vary slightly from the pictures. We use what we sell and we ALWAYS stand behind our products. Rest assured!

Be Seen Safety doesn't recommend, advise or promote any activity where
automobiles operate or in close proximity of. These articles are sold 
without warranty, expressed or implied except for quality of construction. 
No warranty or representation is made as to the product's ability to protect 
the user from accident or injury. The user/purchaser assumes that risk.