Orders Of Magnitude Challenge (OOM) LEVEL 9 
Holotronica 'Speedway' Digital Hologram For Sale £512

Signed by Stuart Warren-Hill (HEXSTATIC/HOLOTRONICA) and Tom Wall (BLINKIN LAB)

You can read all about my exponential self funding experiment here... www.oomchallenge.com

And my Holotronica 3D Blu-Ray Album is available here... www.holotronica.com

As you will see If you buy this item you will be a part of this groundbreaking art project. You photo will be included in the blog and
If I succeed the challenge all buyers will receive a VIP invitation to the finale party. Also I ask you to not sell on the hologram ubtil the challenege is complete, you will need to look after it until the exhibition where all the artworks will come together at the grand finale.

This is a 5 day Auction. Good Luck!

Stuart Warren-Hill