This is our new version of Persistence of vision based LED display kit under DIY community.  8 LEDs  are mounted on a rotating fan that can display Alphabets,numbers and  special characters at a time . Actually we humans "feel" that it is displaying all that letters.

This kit was developed for  educational purposes only.

 This kit will be helpful to school level ,collage level ,electronic hobby projects. The best part of this kit is you can control the text that is displayed the POV kit through Bluetooth from your PC or a smart phone(android).which means what ever you type in the android APP from your smartphone or PC will be displayed on the display.A programmable clock timer will be provided in this kit so it can display the updating time on it. In most of the POV models it is not possible to stabilized display. but in our model we arranged a high speed IR sensor to lock the display on one position.  

Content of this kit:

POV display controller kit with stability IR sensor.
Serial Bluetooth module.
Rotatory motor.
DC power adapter.
Battery plugs.

This kit is the best option to teach kids about the persistence of vision and optical illusion.

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