Practical Drumming with Brian Lutz  (3 Hour Instructional Drumming DVD Video) is an all-around Drumming DVD featured in DRUMHEAD MAGAZINE and MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE and covers Snare Drum Rudiments & Drum Set Instruction along with Live Musical Performances showcasing over 20 Different Musical Playing Styles!  

This DVD really cuts to the heart of what is truly needed on live gigs highlighting the essentials needed for Rock, Jazz, Brazilian and many other real-world musical playing styles. If you plan on being a steady working musician wanting to be self-assured in your playing of many different musical styles from one session to the next than this is the most practical DVD for you.

DVD includes a 12-page booklet of P.A.S. Essential Snare Rudiments & Drum Set notation (printable in full-page format).  Brian has been a proud Paiste Cymbals endorser since 2008.

(more about Brian & Practical Drumming DVD):  From his tenure with the U.S. Army's Premier Touring Show Band to full-time session work / live-performances, Brian's versatility shines throughout this DVD which showcases numerous playing styles, techniques & full-length performances. 

This highly-acclaimed musical line up demonstrates 'Real-World' performances and stylistic examples that any musician, regardless of instrument, can use to help build their musical vocabulary. 

...A definite must have for the Aspiring Drummer!