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NOTE: Let's quickly separate those who only talk from those who understand EMF and electrical pollution:

This is the world's first and only supercharged laser - Instant proof with BDORT, QRA, even the Brix Meter!

ERASE Electrical EMF Pollution in food, beverages, clothing, bed linens, autos, homes, EVEN YOU

The only laser sold on earth money-back guaranteed to make everything it paints test strong.

We are the original, and only inventors of the world's 1st supercharged cold laser, instantly provable by any of several tests.

EVERY other multi-thousand dollar veterinary (and similar) laser irradiates skin, thyroid, parathyroid, and more.   Not the supercharged laser!
Every other laser  (we've tested DOZENS) makes whatever it paints fail BDORT and QRA testing. As always, proof is better (and wiser) than belief.

As of 2017, the Gen IV supercharged laser has 4,674 beneficial frequencies embedded..

We specifically claim that, energetically, and beneficially, our lasers outperform every $12,000 to $18,000 (or more) laser.
Even the VitalMed laser for skin wrinkles requires minutes per session of use, where ours takes only seconds per session.
More importantly to you, and to no small surprise for us, each VitalMed Laser we've tested so far ... makes skin test weak.
With respect to skin wrinkles, we routinely urge people to take close-up photos BEFORE using the laser on face, etc.
Use the laser under and around eyes, even neck and belly, (3 to 100x per day), then take photos again in 21 days.

We cannot over-emphasize the benefits of learning to do the one-second energy test (www.QRA.me, www.Bidigitals.com, etc).

Relief from skin wrinkles and pain relief are finally recognized by the FDA for cold low-level laser therapy.
Thanks to supercharging, awe-inspiring buyer feedback.

EVERY expensive laser pollutes the skin and pineal gland of mammals.
Even the best and fanciest lasers instantly make you/your skin test weak.
Along comes the supercharged laser, with a growing list of undeniably impressive uses..
Our money-back guarantee is simple: EVERYTHING testing weak immediately tests strong when supercharged.

The Supercharged Laser REVERSES polarity of electrical pollution proven to weaken mammals, food, drinks, and more.
Consumption of food testing strong versus food testing weak is, to our view, a game-changing difference in the quality of our lives.
Every food, drink, garment, shoes, eyeglasses, bed linens, electrical device -- even the walls of your home -- instantly test strong.
Hold an operating or even ringing cellphone against your chest. Even if you're a pro athlete, your other hand gets notably weak.

The best part may be that you do not need to believe a word, you only need to believe the test YOU do: An easy one-second test.
After testing, laser your cellphone for just two to three seconds, then test again.  Personal experience astounds most everyone.
Our motto:
"Proof is better than belief. Test with QRA"

Invest a minute at QRA.me to learn the one-second energy test that proves whether something makes you weak or strong.
If you can hold your thumb & finger tightly, but suddenly can't when a food is held close to you, do you want it inside of you?
Stop believing what you are told by people. TEST AND KNOW FOR CERTAIN.   Proof is better than belief.

See Dr. Martin Blank's nearly-3-minute video, where 190 scientists petitioned the UN for EMF protection! ( www.Energies.work)
Pursuing a paperless society, we send all buyers the url to learn an extensive list of excellent, TESTABLE uses for the supercharged laser.

No other laser manufactured has these features, no other proves to speed-heal animal flesh wounds.
The letters we've received regarding pain relief have wrought more joy than millions in cash could hope to bring.

"Laser" your food, beverages, walls, bed & linens, oven & stove shoes, glasses, pots, pans... and more:
MOST of the uses we (and users) have found... we do not even share pre-sale because we love to bring delight!

• Blood Pressure – Umeda tested the effects of a Low Level Laser on the control of blood pressure via energy administered via the medulla oblongata. The results from a group of 30 patients suffering from hypertension were positive in 80% of the patients. Laser Therapy. 1990; 2(2): 59

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Low Level Laser Therapy has been cleared by the FDA as an adjunct treatment method for this condition.

• Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) – Simunovic treated 324 patients . . . complete pain relief and restored functional ability were achieved in 82% of the acute patients and 66% of the chronic cases. J Clin Laser Med & Surg. 1998; 16 (3): 145-151

• Fibromyalgia– 66% benefited from treatment with regard to local pain, hypomobility (joint stiffness) and phlogosis (inflammation). Longo treated 846 patients with fibromyositic rheumatism during a 15 year period. About 2/3 benefited from the treatment with regard to local pain, hypomobility and phlogosis. Journal of Clinical Laser Medical and Surgery. 1997; 15 (5): 217-220

Headache/Migraine – Pain disappeared after 1-5 minutes. Wong treated 20 patients with migraine or symptoms resembling migraine. Proc 9th Congress Soc Laser Surgery and Medicine, Anaheim, CA: 2-6 Nov. 1991

Low Back Pain– Soriano performed a double-blind trial with elderly people suffering from chronic low back pain. Treatment was effective in 71% of the laser group and 36% of the sham group. The pain disappeared completely in 45% of the laser group and 15% of the sham group. Lasers Surg Med. 1998 Suppl 10, p. 6

• Menstrual Pain– Takac treated 12 patients suffering from menstrual pain. Of the 12, ten were freed, entirely or in part of pain and experienced greater regularity of their menstrual cycles. Tuner and Hode, The Laser Therapy Handbook, 2004, Prima Books, 148

Rheumatoid Arthritis of the hand/Osteoarthritis – Palmgren conducted a controlled double-blind study on 35 patients with rheumatoid arthritis of the hand. .......grip strength and movement were improved while swelling, pain and morning stiffness were reduced. Lasers in Medical Science, 1989; 4: 193.

Tennis Elbow – In this study, 82% of acute cases and 66% of chronic cases showed complete pain relief and restored functional ability. Journal of Clinical Laser Medical and Surgery. 1998; 16(3): 145-151

Wound Healing – Palmgren investigated the effect of Low Level Laser Therapy on infected abdominal wounds after surgery. Healing time to half wound size was 6.8 days in the laser group compared to 14 days in the placebo group. Lasers Surg Med 1991; Suppl 3:11

PAIN – Low Level Laser Therapy has been cleared by the FDA as an adjunct treatment method for pain related to neck and shoulder injuries.

Use ANY of several respected energy tests to instantly prove that this laser adds energy to EVERYTHING it touches. "Everything" means EVERY THING!
Because solid-state technology is included, MegaBeams laser proves far more powerful, and does much more, than even the old PRL energy lasers.

Eight separate technologies, embedding 186 unique, proven frequencies that promote structure and function ... in all of your animals
Three generations later, each supercharged laser now has 4,674 specific beneficial frequencies embedded, in 110 hours of intensive efforts.
Regarding humans: The only claim is that everything is guaranteed to test strong, living or not, when "painted by supercharged laser.
Please do not buy any of our devices until `you learn the one-second energy test. One minute to learn, use it for your lifetime.
Kids learn it in under a minute, so can you. Use it for testing EVERYTHING, from pillows & food to organs, glands, & more.

When YOU and someone with you does the energy test, it promises to be among the five most amazing moments of a lifetime!
You cannot even hold your thumb and finger together, for example, if you hold your operating cell phone against your body.
Wave the supercharged laser beam at the phone for a moment, then test it again. You are guaranteed to test stronger!
Do you want your kids using cell phones that make their brain and organ points test weaker, or test stronger?
How about you? Do YOU fit into the equation? Do you want a phone that makes you test weak, or strong?
Expensive supplements? No need to believe it's good for you or not. Test, test, TEST!

The one-second energy test we call QRA is going to be YOUR game-changer.
It's totally free, can be used for everything on or near you, for a lifetime!
Only then will you tend to fully appreciate supercharging technology.

More energy from food? What do you think it might do to food need?
It's so fantastic, so unbelievable, that you MUST have YOUR proof.

YOU Do It With A Friend!

Learn Any Of The Five Most Common Energy Tests, (or Brix Meter):
Learn to use QRA, BDORT, Reflexology, Contact Reflex Analysis, refractometer (Brix Meter), or basic (less reliable) kinesiology.
With the one-second bidigital test, YOU see for yourself what is weak, and how strong it gets, immediately, when it is laser-painted.
We urge you to visit QRA.me. Learn the bidigital test. Why take anyone's word for what is strong or not? Test in one second!

Watch the BDORT video at vimeo! - Has to amaze even the most skeptical among us - It's medically patented!

Food, beverages, and every item, including us, are polluted by sources of electricity, which toxically irradiate.
EVERY food & drink is blanketed with low-polarity frequencies that prevent food energy from being delivered.
Produced with the same technologies used to deliver the supercharged rare earth minerals found in QVials,
both are infused with the universally accepted/recognized frequencies known to benefit organs & glands.
Using BDORT or QRA testing (Quantum Reflex Analysis, or CRA or even basic kinesiology to test,
we GUARANTEE: Every item "painted" by the MegaBeams supercharged cold laser will test strong.

By law, we are not even allowed to tell you most of the proven, consistenly demonstrated benefits of the supercharged laser,
because it is (justifiably?) against U.S. laws to make any health claims without enormously expensive clinical trials.

One of many examples: Animal wounds heal faster than nature does when lasered 10 to 20x per day for a minute each.

Therefore, we only claim that anything touched by the beam of this laser WILL test strong by BDORT or QRA testing.
It only takes a second to test the energy of any substance or mammal. Speak less, and test more, it's a one-second test!

Living creatures test stronger temporarily, inanimate objects permanently test stronger.
for as long as the item strengthened is not exposed to super-high electrical radiation.
Just re-laser ANYTHING that gets re-polluted, and test it again to be certain.

A magnificent gift for anyone you care about... beginning with yourself.

Learn this easy one-second bidigital test. Do it now!!

World’s First Supercharged Cold Laser – EVERYTHING it ‘paints’ is guaranteed to test strong by QRA or BDORT

www.QRA.me - Invest a minute to learn the most powerful, useful, and certainly versatile test of your life.

Energy Therapy - High Speed Results - ANY Meridian Point You Laser Instantly Tests Stronger - Guaranteed

Not only on your body, the world's first supercharged laser makes EVERYTHING it touches test strong.

Laser your food, beverages, walls, bed and linens, shoes, glasses, pots, pans, even yourself:

If you have or know of an animal with an injury, laser the area of pain and simply watch the animal's face.
It has worked or is working now on every animal tested with laser-painted injuries... EVERY one.
Provided the beam is not aimed at an eyeball, every side effect ever observed has been, without exception, beneficial.
When you see 5 to 7 weeks of healing on horrible wounds in FIVE TO SEVEN DAYS, you will know about supercharging.
If that's not amazing enough, it works from even 50 and more feet away, because the laser delivers 186 frequencies!

Using BDORT or QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) or CRA or even basic kinesiology,
we GUARANTEE everything "painted" by this 5mw supercharged cold laser tests stronger.

Veterinarians, take note:
Proof supercedes belief! The supercharged laser VASTLY outperforms the $4,000, $12,000, and $18,000 lasers you're using now....

Animals with flesh wounds will astound you with the accelerated speed of healing even wounds with a hundred stitches!

No need to believe. Test any thyroid or parathyroid, or ANY patch of skin. Use QRA to test

Because they are totally safe for human use (other than shining them into your eyes, obviously), no health claims,
only suggestions for you to experiment and see for yourself how energetically beneficial these lasers prove to be.
Laser your stomach for just 3 seconds, several times per day, and see if you do not notice a difference in days.
This practice alone is reported to yield at least 3 separate benefits, which you are encouraged to discover.
Nothing is as convincing as doing the one-second energy test, and seeing the enormous difference.

These energy lasers are a magnificent gift to remediate and energize anything,
beginning with yourself, your food, beverages, pets, beds, and so much more.

Learn this easy one-second bidigital test. Do it so you know!!

We start with new 5mw cold gallium-based lasers, & use eight unique technologies, plus our innovation for making them nearly irreversible.
186 separate sets of frequencies are embedded into each laser, provably making brain, thyroid, liver, kidney, skin, and more, test much stronger.
Rated for 300,000 minutes of actual use, the world's first supercharged cold laser is another in our growing series of energetic anti-EMF devices.

EVERYTHING near electricity is instantly polluted by it, including food, beverages... and YOUR pineal gland.
NO NEED TO BELIEVE - Just TEST IT & SEE. Supercharge ALL your food & drinks. See what more energy delivers to you.

This means ALL electrical pollution which can be tested by BDORT or QRA or CRA or even basic kinesiology,
is converted from thyroid-draining counterclockwise, negative, irradiating energy into clockwise, beneficial energy.
EVERYTHING even briefly painted by these lasers gets stronger, with instant proof using any of several recognized tests.

No one in the world offers this guarantee of all electrical radiation/pollution REVERSED.
Everything 'painted' by the world's 1st supercharged laser is GUARANTEED to test stronger.

We offer no health claims, only the certitude that anything "painted" by this laser tests strong,
whether you use the patented BDORT testing, QRA testing, or even basic kinesiology or reflexology!

NOTE: You MUST laser your next set of batteries, because untreated batteries can (and usually do) ruin the laser.
The easy answer for this is to always make sure you have lasered replacements before using supercharged laser.
UPDATE: We now affix supercharged Torroids to every laser to protect the laser from being ruined by EMF.
Even with these protections in place, we still think it's wisest to laser batteries, because it only takes 1/50th of a second, & may help extend battery life.

We package for safety, not beauty. All lasers are wrapped simply, securely, and sent to you by Priority Mail via U.S.P.S.
NOTE: Because of those who we feel have taken obstreperous advantage of our generosity, i.e.: Florian Ardelean,
we only accept returns on a case-by-case basis. A thousand pardons, as each laser is sold at a profit-wrecking, unprecented price.
Of course if you receive a damaged item, which we take considerable care to prevent, the item will be replaced by us, at no charge.
While we regret having to change this policy after many years of selling, we recognize that not everyone is blessed with parents who foster ethics.

We do, however, guarantee that ANYTHING testing weak with QRA test is indisputably proven to test strong once it is laser-painted.
As well, if you use Contact Reflex Analysis, BDORT, Reflexology, Brix Meter, or any other respected energy test, even (less-reliable) kinesiology,
everything that tests weak is unconditionally guaranteed to test energetically stronger. Here, we laser ALL of our food and drinks.

We HIGHLY recommend that you keep a food log for just one week before, during, and after you begin supercharging food.
If you are getting much, MUCH more energy from your food, what do you figure happens to your need for so much food?
That's not a claim, it's a suggestion that, for as long as you live, don't eat it or drink it until after you supercharge it.
It is not unreasonable for you to notice the differences. No, not over several months... in your first 10 days or so.
Above all, believe no one, not us, not the health-store clerk trying to sell hundred-dollar bottles of "magic:"
Test, Test, Test! Point to a slummy building, you go weak. Point to a happy home, test strong!
There are many hundreds of uses for this test, which can influence how long and well we live. Learn!

EMF Pollution - One-second test - Instant Proof of dirty & clean energy - YouTube

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More Master Secrets of the Universe from one of America's most advanced research teams:

Electrical Pollution - EMF - Fast Fix - Best Energy Devices - Cellphones - YouTube

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It is not possible to learn less about anything. You are encouraged to learn more, that you might live more, naturally, energetically, healthfully.
You already know that excellence cannot happen accidentally.      Supercharged lasers are one result of studying many of the smartest humans.

Feel free to join us on Facebook. (Facebook.com/bidigital) If you only learn 3 new facts per day about YOUR area of greatest interest or concern, do you understand that mastery is earned rapidly?
Every hundred days, you notice that, in this narrow area of interest, you know more than most of the billions of humans alive today!
Learn more, so that you can live more. Tiny little changes, when repeated, creates game-changers... like supercharging technology.

No one can make your best decisions for you. As long as our food chain is in the state it's in, as long as we have electricity growing & growing,
there can be little dispute that electricity is, by orders of magnitude, the most damaging, consistent form of pollution, because it surrounds us 24x7.
With the geometric expansion of smartmeters and smartphones and cell towers, & phones that will act as cell towers, EMF is worth remediating.

. Good and great energy to YOU