Micro USB Male to Female OTG Cable Adapter for Mobile Phone
Product Description
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Cable length: about 16 cm
Interface: micro USB male and female
Micro USB male to USB female OTG cable, can connect the digital device with OTG function to be used as storage expansion
OTG function: connect the Micro USB port to the device and connect the USB female head to USB devices, such as card reader, U disk
This application will no longer transit through the computer.
The output current of digital devices with OTG function is limited. If you want to connect with the mobile hard disk, please use the external power supply of the hard disk.
If you want to use OTG function, please pay attention that:
1. The digital devices must have OTG function, such as mobile phones, MP4, MP5, digital cameras
2. The connection cable must have OTG function.
Digital devices with OTG function: Ramos MP4, Ainol MP4 ( please refer to the instructions or online parameters ), camera digital companion and MID Tablet, etc.

1. Please confirm that the interface is Micro USB. You need to connect the micro USB of the OTG cable to the device but not transfer and then plug in
2. For the U disk you want to connect with, recommend using the FAT or FAT32 format

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1 x OTG cable
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