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1 x 100A MEGA fuse (fuse only) 
 A professional quality automotive fuse.

These fuses can offer essential protection for dual battery systems,
also large amplifier systems, as well as 240V Inverters, great in marine use too. 
Ideally there should be MEGA fuse protection at each battery bank

Suits all 6-12-24-36-48 volt systems.

Approx size: 70mm long x 20mm wide x 10mm high with 50mm between the 8mm centre holes.
***Please note these MEGA fuses are designed to be used only with suitable MEGA fuse holders or mounting blocks,
 they are NOT designed to be self supporting or free standing. 

WARNING some unscrupulous ebay ripoff sellers are offering the much much smaller,
 and cheaper MIDI fuses and claiming that they are MEGA fuses, please don't get caught out!

We also offer suitable fuse holders for the MEGA fuse, 
and also discounted kit packs, 
listed separately here in our Fridge Solar ebaY 

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Shipping on these MEGA Fuses is FREE using Oz post.
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A full Australian GST Tax invoice is issued with every order, 
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no shonky 
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Please note that the extra photos other than the single 100A MEGA fuse, are for illustration and demonstration purposes only. 

Many of you good folks will have come across here from the tech articles on my Fridge & Solar website, 
and so I'm very pleased to be able to offer these quality items at such good prices for my avid readers, as well as the other good folk that have also found my shop and items.