The end of the Sony APM line, and the second to last component of the Esprit division, these represent the final iteration of the wonderful APM driver technology. Fast, accurate, musical and impressive!

For sale is this rare pair of Sony Esprit APM 4's with brand new better than factory grade surrounds installed. Also note, there are a few blemishes in the aluminum "cones" on the woofers, they are all small cosmetics, some came from the surround replacement, which was done by Analogique here in NYC, at a cost of 300.00 not including the actual surround cost. The old glue was very hard and brittle, and was a pain to remove. Also, the ripple in one woofer driver is from a long while ago, and is only in the surface, as seen in the photo of the honeycomb right under it. It will not spread or anything other than be there. Honestly, these speakers have never been mutilated, adulterated or mis-treated in any way, thankfully the previous owner just let the surrounds go rather than trying the chamois method, or worse yet, clipping the edges of the square woofer to attempt to fit it with a round surround (yes this has been done!) I'll tell you, I have seen some real dusies, repair wise. The cabinets have few scratches overall, and they are on the back, the grilles are in great condition, a few stains I see in the photos will be cleaned off carefully. There are no cracks, repairs, or pulls in the frame or fabric. The little square plastic covers on the bases in one pic are the original mid covers for shipping, and the original warning stickers are still on the back. All other badges are present.

Those who tend to downplay the TOTL Sony designs of the 80's, or compare them to the gear of the late 90's to today, well maybe don't do that. All of these drivers were made and designed in house by Sony, a feat not reproducible in today's economy. It's also good to remember that the gov't of Japan poured mass amounts of money into the R&D of these special projects, almost as a matter of national pride.

Simply, they're amazing!

Yes they can ship, but they'll need to be strapped to a pallet for safe shipping.I don't want to list a shipping service here, the page forces me to put a shipping cost in, and I just can't know that with an item like this.


I have had he fortune to own the APM-8, which is great in its own right but too "studio oriented" for home use. Very accurate but dry, the APM-6 with stands. Really fun monitor and killer bass espouse but an odd mid frequency suck out and very delicate woofer coils prone to burn out, and then these the APM-4. These are the easiest to live with at home, the frequency response is even, the woofers are not prone to the same coil burn, nor are the tweeters as they are crossed out far higher, and they aren't completely massive and obtrusive. Not to mention the convenient built in stands.