ATtiny RS485 Quad Motor Control board is a AVR development board with 20 pin ATtiny2313 microcontroller along with Motor control and RS485 communication Ports. The motor control section contains two L293D chips and the RS485 communication section is build around the popular MAX485 chip from Maxim.

The Board is designed for controlling upto 4 DC brushed motors bidirectionally(Clockwise,Anticlockwise)

or 8 motors unidirectionally through a serial interface like UART or RS485 port.

ATTiny Robotics Development Board


  • Can be used as a ATtiny Development Board 
  • Can be used as a ATtiny Robotics Development Board 
  • Used for Building your Next Robotic Project
  • Built in 20pin ATMEL ATtiny2313A controller
  • ATtiny2313A- 2KFlash, RAM-128bytes, EEPROM-128Bytes   
  • Twin L293D motor drivers for bidirectional control of 4 DC motors
  • Control upto 8 DC motors (undirectional)
  • Can be used to drive Stepper motors
  • MAX485 based half duplex RS485 communication Port
  • Selectable Motor Drive Voltages for 5V and 12V motors
  • Build in Serial port (USART) for Serial Control
  • 12 LED's for easy debugging of Motor Control Circuits
  • 6 pin ISP Programming connector (AVR ISP
  • Screw terminals for connecting Motors
  • Extra Ground ,5V and 12 V power connectors
  • Dimensions 93mm X 60mm,Double sided,FR4 PCB
  • Excellent Tutorials and Software Support



Usermanual/Circuit Diagram

You can find the usermanual/circuit diagram for the ATtiny Board online from our Website.



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Excellent collection of tutorials to demonstrate the various features of the board along with source codes can be found at our site.The Sourcecodes are written in Embedded C and Compiled using AVR GCC and ATMEL Studio



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