This is the Marlboro Yamaha FZ 750 that won the 1986 Castrol 6 Hour race. At the completion of the race the bike was auctioned off and is in the exact condition as it was at that point in time including its genuine odometer reading of just over 2,500 kilometers.

In one of the images is the history of how and who became the first owner after the 6 hour race and how it came to be owned by my family.

The bike is completely original which includes original tires, paintwork etc AND SOME OF THE ORIGINAL SCRUTINEERING LOCK WIRES from the race as shown in the photos.

The bike comes with certain memorabilia including the original bike leathers worn by Kevin Magee for the Castrol 6 Hour race.

The bike was completely reviewed in 2013 by a Yamaha factory mechanic and ridden by Kevin Magee at Broadford at the Easter Bike Classic which that year featured a pool of Historic Castrol 6 Hour bikes.

I have included pictures of the bike, memorabilia, the original leathers and of Kevin Magee aboard the bike at Broadford for the Historic's. In Kevin's own words the bike was a dream to get back on board and he was genuinely surprised at hard he could push it on the original tires.

This is a true piece of Australia motorcycling history in completely original and untouched condition.

I have inherited this from my father and would like to see it in the hands of someone who will value and enjoy it at Historic events.

Happy to answer questions and provide more photos