I have roughly one-or-two-dozen telephones that I will be selling, and this is the first. I was for many years an enthusiastic collector of telephones, but the time has come to thin the hoard. They are simply taking up too much space on the shelf.

This is a lovely pink Western Electric model 2500. I have several in this line, and I will assure you that pink is the most suitable color for a Western Electric model 2500, particularly if you have any bad news to deliver. Speaking on the pink WE 2500 is like whispering into a washed-out rose petal, by which I mean that it softens the blow.

I have stored this delicate heirloom in my shed, but I will assure you that my shed is very dry and the climate agreeable year-round. Dashiell always insisted that the shed was to be well insulated. Since his passing, I have continued to follow this advice. Additionally, the telephone was in a small box, sheltered by wood shavings.

I do not remember when I first acquired this telephone, but I know that it was only in rotation in my house for a very short time, and here is why:

This phone only dials one number correctly: 270-301-5797.

I do not recall how I arrived at that discovery. Dashiell had piercing tinnitus that kept him up nights, and sometimes I would find him come morning hunched wincing over the receiver, dialing away, unsystematic and helpless. Maybe he came across it during one of those nights? I really don't remember.

A telephone that dials only one number is likely not useful to very many people. To avoid disappointment, please DO NOT place a bid on this telephone if you intend it for any of the following uses:

1. Day-to-day telephone usage -- as I have said, it only dials one number.
2. Communicating with the dead -- the telephone is not suitable for this purpose.
3. To dissect for curiosity -- I have inspected the phone, and its bowels are unremarkable.
4. Repair and resale -- I feel that it would be dishonest to suggest this phone can be repaired.

I can recommend that you buy this telephone for:

1. Holding the receiver to your ear to listen to the dial tone and reflect.

Included but not pictured is one Consolidated Power Co. cable required to operate this phone.

I do not have postal service at my home. My daughter-in-law will pack and ship the telephone carefully and promptly. She sometimes includes a peppermint if she is feeling wistful, but I will make no promise of candy.

thank you for reading,
- your dot